Our Approach to Paralysis Cases in DC

At Price Benowitz, our catastrophic injury lawyers take paralysis cases very seriously. Having handled these cases before, we understand how much of an impact a paralysis can have both on the injured person and on his or her family, social activities, ability to maintain his or her employment and the ability to maintain his or her employment throughout the future.

The DC paralysis lawyers at our firm are dedicated to helping people who have suffered paralysis injuries maximize their recovery so that they can concentrate on their recovery and work towards obtaining the best medical recovery possible. We work diligently in processing these claims to maximize the recovery because we understand that spinal cord injuries can have a lasting financial effect on both the injured person and potentially his or her family, both now and in the future.

Putting the Client First

There is no consultation fee for injury cases with the paralysis lawyers at our DC office. We believe that anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury has the right to meet and consult with an attorney to investigate his or her claim without being concerned with the finances of such a meeting.

The consultations are 100% free and should a client decide to retain the services of Price Benowitz, there are no upfront cost or fees associated with our representation. All claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney’s fees will be paid out of any recovery that is obtained on behalf of the client.

Likewise, Price Benowitz will pay any and all cost associated with processing the claim including obtaining medical records, consultation fees with experts, retention of experts, filing fees and other associated cost.

Finally, if there is no recovery, then the client is not responsible for the reimbursement of cost paid the firm.

What to Expect During a Consultation

Initial consultations usually take some time to work through with the a DC paralysis attorney. The specific issues that are covered in an initial consultation truly depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of each individual’s case.

Typically, the consultation will begin with the collection of contact information, health insurance information, automobile information and then transition to how the accident occurred or how the person came to be injured. Then there will be a transition to a full explanation of the nature and extent of injuries, current diagnosis and prognosis for recovery in conjunction with an understanding as to the current medical treatment and what if any future or ongoing medical treatment will be required, again, based upon the circumstances of that individual case.

Some cases may require further investigation of certain aspects of the case than others. In such cases, our paralysis injury group in DC will handle that process on behalf of the client.

The Attorney-Client Relationship

In a paralysis injury case, it is imperative for the attorney and client to have a good working relationship. The attorney will be working behind the scenes to process the claim and be in constant contact with multiple involved parties, such as insurance providers.

So long as the client has an open dialogue with the attorney, the attorney can understand the ongoing medical issues that are affecting his or her client and utilize that information in processing the claim. Typically, a paralysis lawyer is working constantly behind the scenes in terms of collecting pertinent medical information and processing the claim with both health insurance providers and automobile insurance providers in order to effectively process the claim on behalf of his or her client.

The paralysis attorneys with our DC law office build a strong attorney-client relationships by being available to the client should they have a question. Likewise, the attorney is constantly working with the injured person to advance his or her claim and work with the injured person on resolving the claim in the manner best suited for that individual client.

We Stay Responsive to Our Clients

If any client has a question, we here at Price Benowitz work in a team as a collaborative effort and anyone involved in handling that claim should be answering the question.  If the client has a question for the attorney working on that case, the attorney certainly make himself available to that client and discuss any and all issues as necessary.

We believe the attorney’s biggest responsibility to the client is to remain in contact with the client, understand the nature and extent of injuries that were caused directly by the trauma and work towards effectively maximizing the recovery in behalf of his or her client.

Building a Relationship Based on Trust

It’s really important for a client to trust his or her attorney.  Often times, in cases, the client will ultimately have to rely upon the advice or guidance of his or her attorney.  Trust is often built or established between the attorney and client by the attorney discussing openly the claims process and both the strengths and weaknesses of that individual’s claim.

This open dialogue will allow the injured person to evaluate the experience of the attorney handling the claim and hopefully allow the injured person to obtain some level of trust with the attorney based upon the conversations that have occurred throughout the course of the claim.

We here at Price Benowitz always work very hard to have an open dialogue with our clients and discuss fully our client’s claims and share with them our experience in handling prior claims, which often times allows the client to feel comfortable with our recommendations and helps build a good level of trust with the attorneys here at Price Benowitz and our clients.

The Benefits of Having a Law Firm Represent You

The benefit of working with a law firm is that each claim is handled by a network of paralegals and attorneys that are working together in an effort to advance the claim of the spinal cord injury victim.

Additionally, claims such as these can be very expensive to see to the very end.  A sole practitioner may be unwilling or unable to pay the costs necessary for obtain complete medical records or retain the necessary expert witnesses to see the case through to the very end.

If the sole practitioner is unwilling or unable to pay these costs, then that sole practitioner may be biased in advising his or her client to accept a settlement that may be less than the appropriate value for the claim.

The benefit of a larger law firm is that the law firm is better able to absorb the cost necessary to both investigate the claim and see the claim all the way through the end so that there is no financial bias by the attorney to pressure his or her client into accepting a less than fair compensation.