Negotiating a Car Insurance Settlement in DC

When someone has been injured in a car accident, or has had damage done to their automobile, they may be able to place a claim with the auto insurance company and receive compensation through a settlement. Car insurance companies will not automatically make a settlement offer, however. They will usually only do so when their hand is forced and they feel it is necessary. This is one reason why it can be important to work with an attorney in these cases. A local personal injury lawyer can help somebody who is filing a car accident claim in DC, to negotiate a favorable car insurance settlement.

Initial Steps in Negotiating a Car Insurance Settlement

Anyone who is negotiating with an automobile insurance company should seriously consider contacting an attorney. The lawyer can then engage in negotiations with the automobile insurance company on the person’s behalf. Insurance companies do not voluntarily pay out claims, instead insurance companies pay only when necessary. It is important to remember that they won’t make it easy on a persons who has filed a claim, because they are adverse to paying out money. Therefore, it is beneficial for anyone who has been injured to contact a personal injury attorney in order to negotiate with the automobile insurance company. A qualified personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle the claim and settlement process in the best interest of his or her client.

The Settlement Negotiation Process

Typically, the negotiation process entails the injured person working with their lawyer to file a claim. The process usually involves the injured person and their attorney collecting all of the pertinent information the insurance carrier will need to evaluate the claim and presenting a demand package. Once the demand package is made, it will be up to the insurance carrier to evaluate the claim and begin the negotiation process by making an offer.

Sometimes the insurance company will engage in settlement negotiations and a favorable settlement can be reached. Other times, the insurance company simply responds to the claim, and a lawsuit begins thereafter.

Estimating Damages

The value of a claim depends upon any number of individual factors that are associated with the individual claim. The evaluation process usually includes a number of factors, including; the nature and extent of the injuries, the people involved, and how the incident occurred.

Writing a Demand Letter and Counter Offers

Like any negotiation process, a counter offer is the continuation of the demand and offer process. There are any number of factors involved when negotiating a claim. When working through the settlement process, a person’s personal injury lawyer can assist the injured person in negotiating the settlement and counter demand processes to hopefully obtain a favorable settlement for them.

Typically, attorneys are best suited to draft and present demand letters. Attorneys know the expectations of insurance companies and what factors insurance companies deem important when evaluating a claim. Anyone who is considering negotiating with an insurance company should retain the services of a lawyer. An attorney can then draft an appropriate demand letter on the behalf of their client.

Dealing With Insurance Following a DC Car Accident