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Most parents think that a school bus is the safest way to get their child to school. However, thousands of children are injured and roughly twenty-six die annually in school bus crashes. A school bus accident case usually involves government entities, making such suits more complex than other types of litigation. For the foregoing reasons, please consult with a DC school bus accident lawyer with knowledge of how build such a case.  The attorneys at our firm our thorough, skilled litigators and can strive for the maximum possible compensation for you and your family.

When a school bus accident does involve a crash, the bus nearly always has more passengers than other vehicles involved. This means the weight of the bus is far greater than the other vehicles, and the latter’s occupants are more likely to be killed. If you have been involved in an accident with a school bus, or if a loved one was hurt in a school bus accident, contact an experienced bus accident attorney for help today.

Who’s Responsible For Your School Bus Accident?

When schools are held responsible for a school bus accident, it changes the way that financial risk is calculated. It also encourages them to institute additional safety measures. But holding the appropriate parties responsible can be complicated, especially if multiple defendants are involved. These defendants can include:

  • School districts
  • Bus drivers
  • Road maintenance crews

If you or your child were harmed in a school bus accident, consult immediately with our experienced attorneys. It is important to do this prior to speaking with school officials or insurance adjustors. An experienced DC school bus accident lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation of the events that transpired, working diligently to assess all the risk factors with the goal of proving negligence to a court or insurance company.

The Causes of School Bus Accidents

There are many different causes of school bus accidents. School buses often operate in inclement weather because educational districts are reluctant to close – even temporarily. In addition, costly maintenance and upgrades mean many substandard buses are still driven today. Rather than putting children’s’ safety first, many schools chose between the cost of upgrades and the cost of potential lawsuits. If they feel that the payout for a lawsuit would be the cheaper option, they forego the upgrades. Other factors that can result in school bus accidents include:

  • Driver negligence
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Defective roadways

Find an Excellent DC School Bus Accident Lawyer

At a time when you’re dealing with death or serious injury, outside support can make a big difference when pursuing an injury claim.  Our lawyers are here to work with the insurance company and any other parties and organizations involved on your behalf, shielding you from the stressful legal process.  If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, fill out our online form or call for a consultation. The attorneys at our firm are standing by to take your call.

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