Truck Driver Intoxication Accidents in Virginia

Normally, a DUI has a tremendous impact on someone’s future employment as a truck driver. First, a DUI results in the suspension of someone’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If the person has a commercial driver’s license as most truck drivers do, a DUI results in the suspension of the person’s driver’s license and they will not be eligible for a restricted license for commercial driving purposes.

That occurs immediately and takes away much of their ability to drive. A commercial driver with a DUI is more difficult to employ in the future.  Consequences of truck driver intoxication accidents in Virginia can be severe for the driver as well as impacted individuals. Learn more by consulting with an experienced attorney today.

Location of DUI Impact on Commercial Driver’s License

The location where someone is issued a DUI has consequences depending on a variety of factors. DUI laws are exactly the same in every county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, so it is not going to be different. If a driver receives a DUI in Roanoke, Reston, Fairfax, or the Eastern Shore, the consequences from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles are the same. When the person is a foreign driver, meaning they have a commercial driver’s license in another state, a DUI may have a different impact.

Federal Law Implications

There can also be federal law implications that may complicate things and there may be some reciprocity. For example, when a person is convicted of a DUI in Virginia, the Virginia courts handle the case. The Virginia DMV has the authority to offer the DUI to the other states to see if they have a reciprocal suspension, also called reciprocity. Virginia has reciprocity with most states but sometimes they choose not to penalize.

DUI as a Truck Driver Impact on License

When a person has a regular driver’s license, receives a DUI, and is convicted, they lose their license for a minimum of 12 months for a first offense. For a second or subsequent offense, the person can have it for more consequences. When a person has a regular driver’s license, they may be able to get a restricted license for a period of time. The restricted license does not allow the person to drive a commercial vehicle. However, it may allow the person to drive their private vehicle for certain purposes as explained in the statute. This consequence of truck driver intoxication accidents in Virginia can be serious for a driver’s employment.

Penalties for Truck Driver DUI vs. Standard DUI

There are some specific penalties and some instances where the threshold for whether a person can be found guilty of the offense is different. The main difference between the impact of a DUI on a commercial driver’s license and an ordinary, non-commercial or non-CDL driver’s is that the commercial driver does not have the opportunity to have a restricted license for commercial driving purposes, increasing their consequences of intoxication in an accident.

Restricted Licenses

If a normal driver with a normal job has a commercial driver’s license and gets a DUI in Virginia, they can request a restricted license for limited purposes as permitted by statute. These purposes also allow a person to drive to work, school, and for certain other purposes. They also require an ignition interlock for a period of time as contemplated by the statute. The ignition interlock period for a first offense is usually, but not necessarily, six months. Commercial truck drivers do not have the opportunity of an ignition interlock period. They do not have a license for 12 months. For more information regarding consequences of truck driver intoxication accidents in Virginia, contact a skilled attorney today.