Virginia Sexual Abuse in a Youth Organization Lawyer

Children and youth are among the most vulnerable members of society. When this vulnerability is exploited by individuals in authority, they should be held accountable for the harm they inflict upon these innocents. If you have been affected by sexual abuse in a youth organization such as Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, at a youth group, sports group, or other youth organization, seek help from an experienced attorney.

A Virginia sexual abuse in a religious organization lawyer with the resources necessary to investigate and pursue these types of civil claims could advise you regarding possible courses of action. A compassionate sexual abuse lawyer could answer your legal questions and provide a confidential review of your case to help you determine the next steps for your case.

Statutory Limits to File a Virginia Sexual Abuse Claim

Each state defines its own deadline for sexual abuse claims. In the state of Virginia, individuals who were abused or assaulted as a minor have up to 20 years from their 18th birthday to initiate civil lawsuit proceedings per Code of Virginia § 8.01-243.

Certain exceptions may apply to the statute of limitations, so it is essential that individuals consult with a Virginia attorney who handles claims involving a youth organization to ensure compliance with the filing deadline. When a person is abused as a child, they may block the traumatic experience as a coping mechanism and be unable to remember what happened until years later. In circumstances such as this, the statute of limitations would not start to run until the date the individual should reasonably have learned of the abuse.

Determining Fault in a Sexual Abuse Case Involving a Youth Organization

In order to pursue money damages, the claimant’s attorney must be able to prove the fault of the responsible party or parties based on preponderance of the evidence. Both the alleged abuser and the youth organization they are linked to could be found at fault in a civil lawsuit.

Youth organizations owe a legal obligation to prevent those under their care from suffering harm. When a youth organization or its members violate this duty, all negligent parties may be found liable for the claimant’s injuries and other losses. For instance, if instances of abuse were reported to the youth organization but they failed to respond to these allegations appropriately, they could open themselves up to legal ramifications.

Assault, mental anguish, touching without consent, inappropriate hugging, sexual overtures, forced intercourse, harassment, as well as reckless hiring practices are all examples of behaviors that could lead to an assignment of fault in a sexual abuse lawsuit.

Money Damages for Abuse or Assault Survivors

A Virginia sexual abuse in a youth organization attorney could pursue a range of potential damages on behalf of abuse or assault survivors. Common types of money damages awarded in sexual abuse cases include those for pain, suffering, physical injuries, and lost earning potential. A separate type of damages known as punitive damages may also be available in cases where the court rules the defendant’s behavior to be malicious or outstandingly appalling.

Seek Guidance from a Virginia Sexual Abuse in a Youth Organization Attorney

A Virginia sexual abuse in a youth organization lawyer could provide the seasoned representation and unwavering support you need during this challenging, emotional period. An attorney understands how sensitive and traumatic the legal process can be for survivors of assault or abuse, and could help alleviate your burden by handling all aspects of litigation on your behalf.

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