Virginia Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Lawyer

Every day, countless individuals put their trust in their massage therapists. These professionals are trained to use physical touch to help their clients deal with pain or address other discomforts. Unfortunately, some massage therapists abuse this trust.

If you are the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a massage therapist, an experienced sexual abuse attorney could help. By filing a civil lawsuit, you could hold the lewd masseuse accountable for their breach of consent and secure the financial compensation needed to address your trauma. A Virginia massage therapist sexual assault lawyer could serve as a valuable ally and outline your legal options.

Why is There a Risk of Sexual Abuse in the Massage Industry?

There is a small risk of sexual abuse or assault with any massage business. However, these dangers become even more prevalent when tied to the high-volume, fast-paced massage companies that have grown in popularity in recent years.

These corporations rely on a business model of therapists seeing a high volume of clients in short order. This system can lower costs for the business and the consumer alike, but it also creates a more impersonal framework where the customer is unlikely to know much about their therapist at all.

Since there are more masseuses and more clients that need attention, hiring mistakes can quickly pile up. It can be rather difficult for the company to uphold quality standards or ensure that every single patient receives the most professional treatment.

Unfortunately, these factors could combine to result in lewd misconduct from a masseuse. A negligent hire might tough a patient inappropriately, breaching consent and their own professional obligations. When this happens, a diligent attorney in Virginia could investigate the incident to determine exactly how the massage therapist sexually abused their patient.

Liable Parties in Massage Therapist Abuse Cases

One of the primary components of a civil lawsuit involving a massage therapist’s sexual misconduct is determining who might assume liability. Fortunately, pursuing a civil lawsuit against the abuser is usually an option. There are also additional situations where the corporation who employs the masseuse might be responsible.

In these cases, determining which party to act against can become a complex legal issue. If a plaintiff can demonstrate that the employer of a massage therapist did not take reasonable steps to protect victims from sexual abuse, the company might face civil liability. If a claimant cannot establish this connection, they might only be able to hold the individual therapist accountable for the incident.

However, pursuing compensation from business owners could be beneficial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, holding the employer accountable for their negligence could prevent other clients from facing similar abuse in the future. Furthermore, both local businesses and national franchises usually have substantial financial assets that could reimburse a plaintiff for the full extent of their suffering.

A resourceful lawyer in Virginia could determine all the liable parties in a sexual abuse case involving a massage therapist to help a client fully recover from the incident.

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Suffering from the lewd conduct of a manipulative massage therapist could lead to confusion, emotional distress, and physical harm. It can become difficult to determine the best next steps in these situations, but compassionate legal representation could help.

You generally have the option to hold the abuser accountable through a civil lawsuit, and Virginia massage therapist sexual assault lawyer could walk you through that process. Call the offices today to get started on your case.