Virginia Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Doctors and other medical professionals operate with a patient’s careful and crucial trust. Too often, physicians abuse this trust. Sexual abuse against patients is unfortunately, a common problem in both Virginia and the United States.

If you experienced lewd misconduct by medical professional, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. A carefully constructed civil lawsuit could provide you with a measure of justice for the harm you endured, and a Virginia doctor sexual abuse lawyer could help you assemble this claim. Reach out to a compassionate sexual abuse attorney today to get started.

Why is Sexual Abuse from a Doctor Particularly Problematic?

Sexual abuse involving a doctor or medical professional can refer to a wide range of offenses and victims. Someone could experience this misconduct at any age, from a young child to an elderly adult. Lewd offenses could happen once or multiple times. All of these abusive behaviors involve the violation of a doctor’s oath to provide professional care for a patient.

In some cases, the victim might not immediately realize that they experienced abuse. For instance, some doctors might violate a patient who is unconscious or under anesthesia. In other cases, a victim might be aware of the abuse but afraid of the repercussions of reporting it.

In fact, a substantial number of cases involving a physician’s sexual misconduct go unreported. Many doctors blur the line between necessary medical examination and violation, leaving patients unsure about whether or not they were taken advantage of. These situations, unfortunately, leave many individuals confused or embarrassed.

Furthermore, reporting instances of lewd misconduct by a medical professional is not always simple. For example, some victims feel as though they still require the guidance of a doctor to receive the treatment they need. This means that patients might delay in reporting the relevant offenses. Thankfully, these victims do not have to face their abusers on their own. A compassionate attorney in Virginia could help a suffering patient determine exactly what happened with their doctor and report the instance of sexual abuse to law enforcement.

Civil Lawsuits vs. Criminal Charges in Physician Sexual Misconduct Cases

It is important to understand the difference between criminal proceedings and a civil claim against an abusive doctor. Criminal charges involve prosecutors, and a conviction could lead to time in prison. Anyone who suffered from lewd conduct might play an important role in securing a conviction, but that does not mean they will have any control over the process. Only the state can decide when to bring charges, whether or not to make a plea bargain offer, or if charges will be brought at all.

Meanwhile, civil lawsuits differ because the state is not in charge of the process. Instead, a plaintiff could work with a tenacious attorney in Virginia to file suit directly against the doctor or anyone who allowed the sexual abuse to occur. If successful, these claims result in monetary damages, as opposed to jail time or fines. The burden of proof is also lower, meaning that it could be possible to succeed in a civil trial even when the evidence is not enough to bring a criminal conviction. A legal representative could help conclude which process is best for a claimant’s unique situation.

Call a Virginia Doctor Sexual Abuse Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you or a family member has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a doctor or medical professional, now is the time to act. With the right attorney, you could hold the manipulative physician accountable for their lewd actions and protect other patients from similar offenses. A Virginia doctor sexual abuse lawyer could outline your options during this tumultuous time. Reach out to the office today to schedule an initial appointment.