Expert Witnesses in a Virginia Personal Injury Case

Expert witnesses are used frequently in many different types of court cases. These can range from DUI to personal injury. Often, they are people who work in the field that is being called into question, or are those who either have administered, or would have knowledge about administering certain kinds of tests. They have specialized knowledge that the general public does not have, and therefore, their testimony is given great weight in court. A Virginia injury attorney who has good relationships with expert witnesses is an excellent person to retain services of, as it will be of benefit to you in your own case.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness, by definition, is a witness who has specialized knowledge and information that assists the finder of facts, whether that be a judge or a jury, in coming to their conclusion. An expert witness has multiple different roles within the Virginia legal system and there is a variety of different ways an expert witness may be used.

Types of Expert Witnesses a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney will Call

In a Virginia personal injury case, there are several types of expert witnesses that may be employed. Expert witnesses are often a necessary part of a personal injury trial. An expert witness is often necessary to prove both causation as well as damages. This means that an expert witness often provides an essential difference between the type of negligence complained of and the type of injuries and damages sustained. For example, if the alleged negligence caused a motor vehicle accident, an expert witness can speak to the injuries and damages in that said motor vehicle accident that resulted from being hit, such as the injured party incurred a back injury. The expert would sets forth how that impact of the collision caused the back injury. In Virginia personal injury cases, there may be a variety of different expert witnesses including medical professionals, engineers, and expert witnesses that speak to damages, such as vocational experts or rehab experts.

Benefits of Introducing an Expert Witness

Virginia personal injury attorneys may indeed suggest a personal injury by introducing an expert witness depending on the different circumstances. Virginia law spells out fairly clearly where an expert witness is necessary and what type of expert witness is required to prove certain elements of a case.

The point of an expert witness is to make certain that the fact finder does not speculate unnecessarily about how an accident occurred, how damages were calculated, or how future damages may be calculated. Expert witnesses therefore are relied on heavily by the court and the types of opinions that expert witnesses can offer are controlled and regulated by law.

How Someone Becomes an Expert Witness

In order to be a recognized expert witness you must qualify before the court. To qualify as an expert witness, adequate evidentiary foundation must be laid as to the individual’s criteria as an expert in their field. This is often done in a variety of different ways. Typical ways that someone is qualified as an expert in their field is by asking about his or her specific background, including their education, training, years of experience, relevant publications, and whether the individual has qualified as an expert witness in the past.

Call a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

In order to have a successful personal injury trial in Virginia, it is often necessary to employ reputable expert witnesses who not only have earned the trust of the court but are also able to present their expert opinions and explanations in a clear and concise manner. By choosing a Virginia personal injury attorney that has relationship with a variety of quality expert witnesses, you can be assured that your attorney will be able to find the right expert witness for your type of case.