Virginia Supermarket Injury Lawyer

When a supermarket opens its doors to customers, the market has a duty to ensure that conditions are safe for those who patronize its business. When there are hazardous conditions that cause harm to guests, a Virginia supermarket lawyer should be consulted by those who are hurt. You may have the right to pursue a claim for compensation from the supermarket if you were hurt or a loved one was killed, but you need to take certain legal steps to be compensated for your damages. Call today to discuss your claim with a premises liability lawyer in Virginia.

How a Virginia Supermarket Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Premises liability laws in Virginia impose different obligations on property owners and renters based on why people are visiting the property.  Customers coming to shop at a supermarket are called invitees, which is the group of visitors that is entitled to the most protection from property owners.

A supermarket has an obligation to visitors to make sure that the guests are warned of any hazardous conditions. The market also has a duty to correct hazardous conditions when possible, and to regularly inspect the premises to make sure it is safe for guests.

Victims injured in a supermarket accident can pursue a claim for compensation for all injury losses and damages, but only if they can prove the market failed to live up to its duty. A Virginia supermarket injury lawyer will help you to determine if you have a claim against the supermarket and will assist you in gathering the evidence you may need to make your claim.

Your attorney can take care of all insurance claim and court paperwork, can subpoena evidence, can interview witnesses, can negotiate settlements to secure compensation out-of-court, and can present your case in trial.

Compensation for Virginia Supermarket Injuries

Compensation for a Virginia supermarket injury can be obtained through a personal injury claim or, if your loved one was killed, through a wrongful death claim.  Supermarkets and the insurers representing them may not want to go to court and risk a jury awarding a large verdict, so they may try to negotiate a settlement. Do not accept any settlement offer until you have had the paperwork reviewed by a supermarket injury lawyer in Virginia, as insurers and big companies often try to get people to take a smaller settlement than they should receive.

The compensation you receive in a negotiated settlement or in a jury award should cover all economic and non-economic losses from the injury. This means payment of medical bills (including future treatment) and payment for any lost wages or time missed from work. If your ability to work is permanently impacted, you should receive compensation for lost earning potential.  Damages should also be paid for emotional distress, pain and discomfort, lost quality of life, or a loved one’s untimely death.

Supermarkets have to pay for these losses because of dangerous conditions like debris in the aisle causing a tripping hazard, or overstocked shelves that result in items falling onto visitors.  Whenever you are hurt in a supermarket, including in the parking lot, you should talk to an attorney about whether the market is responsible in some way for your damages.

Getting Help from a Virginia Supermarket Injury Lawyer

A Virginia supermarket injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and can fight to get you the money you need so an accident doesn’t devastate your finances.  Call an attorney today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options after a supermarket injury.