Virginia Pedestrian Accident Investigations

If an individual is involved in a pedestrian accident where the driver has fled the scene, they should contact law enforcement right away and provide as much detailed information as they can about the driver. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney may want to know what the individual looked like and any information about the vehicle so that they can be apprehended. It is a criminal offense, in addition to a civil matter, if someone leaves the scene of an accident in which a pedestrian is injured.

What is the Role of a Police Pedestrian Accident Investigation?

Police Virginia pedestrian accident investigations tend to look into a variety of things. They are more concerned with whether or not a criminal offense has occurred, but police investigations might also help individuals that are injured in hit-and-run pedestrian accidents by locating important contact information about the parties involved as well as information about how the accident occurred and who may be liable.

Common Evidence in Pedestrian Accidents

In Virginia pedestrian accident investigations, all evidence is very important. There are certain types of evidence that may be important than others and that type of evidence may include information relating to the identity of the parties involved, information as to how it occurred, witness information, and things of that nature.

Attorneys may be concerned with things like witness information, essential third-party video. Attorneys can contact the third-party company and ask them to preserve any videos they may have as there may be a limited time for them to do it.

Speaking to the Other Party’s Insurance Company

Any time there is a case involved, there should be cooperation right away. If a person is contacted by another party’s insurance company, they should certainly give the insurance company their name and identifying information. But, they are not required to make a statement to them. That is when a person would get an attorney involved so that attorney can act on the person’s behalf and represent the client’s best interest.

Parties often make statements that they do not need to make to other parties. A person should be on the lookout for that to occur. If the insurance company is trying to get a statement from an injured party shortly after the accident, it is important for individuals to know that they do not have to give that. They can politely decline and refer the insurance company to their counsel. That is one of the many reasons to get an attorney involved sooner than later in a pedestrian accident case.

When to Speak With a Lawyer

If a person is injured in a pedestrian accident, the first thing they should do is contact law enforcement and contact an emergency medical provider if they need treatment. An individual can always wait to talk to a civil attorney until it is safe and prudent to do so.

Throughout the Virginia pedestrian accident investigations, there are often resources available to the injured party. A lawyer could work with the insurance companies to get information that may be available; as well as use the subpoena power of the attorneys to follow up on finding information that may be available to the parties if and when a case is filed.