Finding The Best Virginia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer For Your Case

When searching for the best personal injury lawyer for your case, it’s important to remember that no lawyer can claim to be the best and no attorney can promise any particular outcome. No attorney is going to be right for every single person, so it really depends on your personality, what type of injuries you’ve suffered, and what you are looking for from representation. Some attorneys will only handle cases with a certain amount of damages or only handle people who live in a certain geographic area.

With these things in mind, below are more factors you should be aware of when hiring an attorney. To learn more or discuss your claim call and schedule a consultation with a Virginia pedestrian accident lawyer today.

What Factor Should Someone Consider When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer?


One important factor at any firm is accessibility. At our firm, we make an effort to be as accessible as possible. Our injury attorneys give their e-mail and cell phone numbers to all of their clients and will often make house calls to visit with clients.

If we need to go into court to advocate for our clients and fight for our case in court, we want our clients to know that we have their backs. We try to make the relationship as personal and client-centered as possible.


Typically if someone has experience handling the type of case that the injured person is looking for, that’s going to be important. Potential clients shouldn’t just pick a number out of the Yellow Pages and call them because they’ve got a flashy ad. If someone seems knowledgeable about the areas of law involved, if they are willing to talk with you about it, and willing to answer your questions, that shows you a lot about the lawyer.

A Personal Touch

A lot of people want to have somebody that’s able to meet them in person or somebody that’s going to give them their cell phone number and be available and accessible throughout the course of the representation. This allows the attorney to provide constant case updates and answer questions for the client when they arise.


The comfort level you have with your personal injury lawyer is extremely important because you’re going to be spending a lot of time talking to this person and to their support staff. Most cases take a matter of months and even years to resolve—it’s usually not a matter of weeks.

So you need to feel comfortable talking to the person. If you feel comfortable, if you feel like you can trust them, that goes a long way toward a successful attorney-client relationship, but their experience and their reputation are definitely important too.

Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for You

Different people are looking for different things and the best way to find the right lawyer for you is to talk with them on the phone, possibly meet them in person, and talk about your case, talk about what you’re looking for in a case, what you want to recover, and how they would approach it.

That’s exactly what we’ll do if you call our firm for a free initial consultation, and so we would encourage you to put us on your list if you are calling around to find the right fit with a personal injury attorney in Virginia.