Virginia Hotel Injury Lawyer

Hotels have a duty to their guests. If the hotel falls short and you are hurt or a loved one is killed, a Virginia hotel injury lawyer can provide representation.  You may have the right to receive compensation for your losses, an attorney can help you to take the legal steps necessary to pursue a claim for the money you deserve. Call today to speak with a Virginia premises liability lawyer.

How a Virginia Hotel Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A hotel must ensure that the premises are reasonably safe for guests and that there are no hazardous conditions that can harm visitors. If there are dangers that cannot be corrected, the hotel must warn those who come to stay.

If the hotel doesn’t live up to its legal duties, victims can recover compensation for all losses that result from injuries occurring due to the hotel’s failure. To obtain the compensation to which Virginia law says injured hotel guests are entitled, it is up to you to make a claim and to prove the hotel was responsible for your losses.

A Virginia hotel injury lawyer can:

  • Conduct a free evaluation of your potential case to help you determine the strength of your claim
  • Help you identify potential defendants who can be held responsible for your damages
  • Assist you in negotiating to settle your injury claim
  • File a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Help investigate to build a strong case showing the hotel is to blame and demonstrating the extent of your losses
  • Present your case in court

You should not have to pay medical bills out of pocket or incur other financial losses if a hotel was responsible for harming you. Your Virginia hotel injury lawyer can help you fight for full compensation for economic and non-economic losses.

When is a Hotel Responsible for Injuries?

Hotels are public accommodations and they have a significant responsibility for protecting guests from harm. Whether you are staying in a hotel or visiting to use its facilities, you have the right to expect that the hotel will alert you to potential risks and will not put you in danger due to hazardous conditions.

Many types of injuries could occur when a hotel does not live up to its duty to guests. Common injuries include drownings in hotel pools, assaults and violence due to negligent security, slip-and-falls; injuries from ill-maintained steps, windows, or doorways, electrocution due to wiring and lighting problems; and accidents if fixtures fall on guests.

In these and other situations, the hotel is responsible if it did not live up to the legal standard of care imposed on commercial establishments that invite customers onto their premises.

Getting Help from a Virginia Hotel Injury Lawyer

When a hotel injury happens, you should be compensated for medical expenditures, wage losses, loss of any earning potential from ongoing injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, or wrongful death of someone you love.  Call a Virginia hotel injury lawyer today for help understanding your rights and making a claim for compensation.