Fredericksburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents of any kind can throw off your plans for the day and possibly even the rest of your week, but those that result in serious injuries have the potential to change your entire life. Between newfound financial expenses and losses, lost personal opportunities, and of course the physical and emotional pain associated with the harm you suffered, the prospect of ever returning to normal again might seem impossible.

Fortunately, you have important legal rights in situations like this that a seasoned attorney could help you take advantage of. With guidance and support from a Fredericksburg personal injury lawyer, you could demand financial restitution for every form of harm you sustained due to someone else’s negligence, restoring your future prospects and protecting your best interests.

Recoverable Damages After a Serious Accident

The basic idea behind a personal injury lawsuit or settlement demand is to get an injured person as close as possible to the condition they were in prior to getting hurt, and the only practical way to accomplish that is to hold the party responsible for the injury financially liable for its specific consequences. With that in mind, a comprehensive civil claim should account not just for economic losses stemming from a traumatic accident, but also non-economic damages that cannot be easily quantified.

For example, a person who breaks their leg in a car crash would certainly have medical and car repairs bills to pay, as well as lost work income to make up for if their injury prevents them from working. However, they might also experience severe pain from their injury, miss out on participating in personal hobbies and social opportunities, and potentially face a long and emotionally draining road to full recovery.

Not all these losses have quantitative financial values that could be confirmed by accompanying documentation, but all of them are damages caused directly by an accident that may be compensable through ensuing civil litigation. A Fredericksburg personal injury attorney could clarify during a private consultation what damages might be available in a particular situation.

How Contributory Negligence Could Prevent Recovery

To hold someone else accountable for their losses, an injured individual generally must prove that other party was negligent in some way, meaning they must show based on the preponderance of evidence that the other party owed them a responsibility to act a certain way, did not live up to that responsibility, and in doing so proximately caused the incident that led to them getting hurt. Importantly, though, injured plaintiffs may also be found partly to blame for their injuries if they were negligent to some extent.

In Virginia, a finding of contributory negligence against a plaintiff could completely derail their recovery efforts, as the “pure contributory negligence” system that state civil courts follow prohibits partially negligent accident victims from recovering any compensation at all. Assistance from a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Fredericksburg is often crucial to effectively fighting back against accusations of comparative fault and preserving a plaintiff’s right to financial restoration.

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Getting the most out of civil litigation is far from a simple prospect, especially if it is unclear exactly who is to blame for an accident. On top of that, there are numerous rules and legal roadblocks that could trip up a plaintiff without legal representation.

If you want to give yourself the best odds possible of a successful claim resolution, you should contact a Fredericksburg personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. Call today to set up a meeting.