Virginia Ladder Fall Injuries Lawyer

Virtually everyone has used a ladder at some point, especially those in the construction and warehouse industries. A ladder is a relatively simple device that allows individuals to reach items they usually would not be able to reach. When appropriately used, ladders are indispensable tools that will enable individuals to perform work-related tasks quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, ladder accidents on construction sites can be devastating. When a ladder is misused, the individual on the ladder can fall from great heights. Such a fall can cause severe injuries, and in some cases, even death. If you were involved in a ladder accident at work, consulting a Virginia ladder fall injuries lawyer may be wise.

Causes of Ladder Accidents

Due to their widespread use, ladders are one of the most common sources of on-the-job injuries and deaths, especially in the construction industries, which tend to have the highest ladders. Some of the most common causes of ladder accidents include:

  • Allowing untrained persons to use ladders
  • Failing to inspect ladders for any defects or flaws
  • Failing to repair ladders if defects or faults are discovered
  • Failing to secure ladders at the bottom or top
  • Ladders breaking during use

When an injury occurs, the ladder is not always to blame. Often, improper use or poor employer oversight are the cause.

How Can Employers Prevent Ladder Accidents?

In the construction and warehouse industries, ladders are needed to perform many tasks. As long as they are free of defects and properly used, most ladders are safe. Unfortunately, untrained individuals often fail to choose the right ladder for the job, which can result in a severe accident or even death. Employers must ensure their employees know how to take the following measures:

  • Choose the appropriate ladder for the job. When a ladder is not the right height or cannot support a specific weight, it can easily fall or break. Ladders should never be placed directly near electrical sources, such as powerlines.
  • Ladders should be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe to use. Employees and employers should examine each ladder for signs of severe wear and tear, even new ones.
  • Ladders must be placed against a flat, dry surface. They should also never be placed near doors. If the door is opened, the person the ladder can fall.
  • Spotters and safety harnesses should be used, especially at great heights.

If an employer does not ensure their employees take the previously mentioned measures, they should be held liable if an accident occurs on their watch.

Injuries Caused by Ladder Accidents

Injuries caused by ladder accidents can have huge repercussions. Many injuries can result in permanent disability, and at times, death. When a person sustains a ladder injury, they may be unable to work and earn an income. They may also be unable to live a healthy, happy life. This is unfair, but with the help of a Virginia ladder fall injuries lawyer, accident survivors may be able to obtain compensation for their ordeal.

During a ladder accident, employees can sustain the following injuries:

Such injuries are also expensive to treat, and survivors may need years of medical care before they can recover.

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If you were involved in a ladder accident, you might be focused on recovering and returning to your normal life. Healing is a noble goal, but you should bear in mind you may be eligible for financial compensation, especially if your accident was the result of negligence.

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