Sexual Abuse in Virginia Daycares Lawyer

Each day, millions of parents leave their children in the hands of individual caretakers and daycare facilities. For the most part, daycares are safe, and most daycares are staffed by concerned and safety-oriented individuals, and for most parents, the idea of the unthinkable happening at daycare is simply unfathomable.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse does occur in daycare settings, and often, children are afraid to speak out against their abusers. Recognizing abuse can be hard, but if you genuinely believe your child was subjected to sexual abuse, it may be wise to contact a sexual abuse in Virginia daycares lawyer for assistance.

Forms of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse against children comes in a plethora of forms. Many types are not well known, but they can still pose a threat to children. In some cases, a child can be subjected to one or more of the following types of sexual abuse:

  • Sexual Harassment – Making unwanted sexual advances or comments to a person.
  • Sexual Assault – Forcing a person to have unwanted sexual contact. This does not include penetration.
  • Sexual Battery – Coercing a person who cannot give proper consent to engage in sexual behavior.
  • Rape – Forcing a person to engage in sexual intercourse. This does include penetration.
  • Statutory Rape – Engaging in consensual sexual behavior with a person younger than the legal age but too old to be considered a child.

It is important to note, however, that even if a person or facility is not convicted of criminal charges, parents of abuse survivors may still be able to recover damages in civil court. This is primarily because the burden of proof is not as great in civil courts.

Signs of Daycare Sexual Abuse

There are many types of sexual abuse, but when children are involved, it can be difficult to tell. Unlike adults, children, especially very young ones, are often unable to verbalize the full extent of their abuse. If a child is being subjected to regular sexual abuse, the following signs may be present:

  • Mood swings or extreme changes in behavior
  • Exhibiting an unusual interest in sexual matters
  • Reverting to infantile behavior
  • Soreness around the genitals or urinary tract infections
  • Unexplained bruises around the genitals

The signs listed above are not definitive, and parents should trust their own intuition. Abusers may attempt to bully or intimidate children into not telling their parents, or sometimes, a child may be too embarrassed to speak about their abuse.

When to Hire an Attorney

Parents who suspect their child was sexually abused in daycare may need help from a sexual abuse in Virginia daycares lawyer. An experienced attorney can provide them with valuable legal advice and guidance during emotionally taxing proceedings.

To avoid negative press and further legal proceedings, some daycares may attempt to offer a settlement, which is a sum of money offered to a plaintiff in exchange for dropped charges. The plaintiff is the only party with the power to accept or decline a settlement.

If a case does go to court, an attorney may be able to help parents obtain reimbursement for any medical bills they incurred, as well as the general pain and suffering endured by their child.

Talk to a Sexual Abuse in Virginia Daycares Attorney Today

If your child was sexually abused by a daycare or school worker, you may be entitled to compensation for the ordeal experienced by your child. Sexual abuse can be psychologically damaging and physically painful, and there is no reason for a childcare center that employs sexual predators to be let off the hook.

Talk to a sexual abuse in Virginia daycares lawyer today if you are ready to fight for the dignity of your child.