Virginia Bicycle Accident Injuries

As a result of a bicycle accident in Virginia, an individual can suffer a variety of injuries. These include injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and broken bones, among many others.

To be properly compensated for such injuries, an individual should be sure to consult with an experienced attorney immediately. A knowledgeable bike accident lawyer can build a case to help maximize any potential damages you may be able to recover from in your accident.

Bicycle vs. Car Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be more serious than car accidents because the person lacks the protection that a car provides. In addition, the person often has two impacts, first the impact with the car, then the ground.

A person also is generally wearing less clothing, and besides the helmet, most bicyclists wear very little protective gear. Further, they are often caught unaware, so they have less time to brace themselves.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is any type of injury that causes a bruising or swelling to the brain. The most common traumatic brain injury is a concussion.

When an individual suffers trauma, it describes a force, strike, or a fall in an accident like a bicycle accident, when someone may get hit by a car and then hit the ground.

The term traumatic brain injury is really just differentiated from a brain injury that is a result of poisoning or disease or genetic injury.

How a TBI Can Occur

Someone can suffer enough force to the head during a bicycle accident in Virginia that a traumatic brain injury can result even while a helmet is on.

In trying to reduce the potential for a traumatic brain injury, the danger cannot be eliminated. Therefore, there is still the potential for a traumatic brain injury if even wearing a helmet.

Significance of a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries are significant because they can stay with the person forever. Doctors are learning more every day about traumatic brain injuries, such as what they mean, how to treat them, and how to diagnose them, but they still do not know how they are going to affect the person until they actually happen.

They are unpredictable, very serious, and have the potential to have a lifetime of issues. A traumatic brain injury such as a severe concussion, for example, could linger for several years and have much more unpredictable and lasting effects for something like broken bones.

Spotting an Injury

There are a lot of things that a person should look for in a traumatic brain injury case after injuring themselves during a Virginia bicycle accident.

Changes in mood, concussion symptoms, fatigue, headache, sensitivity to light, and seizures are a few of the different symptoms in a traumatic brain injury, which makes them all the more complex to diagnose and to treat.

Broken Bones

There are a wide variety of ways that broken bones can occur as a result of a bicycle accident in Virginia. They occur prior to the initial impact. It is actually very common for it to occur when someone hits the ground, meaning the person tries to brace themselves for the impact and they break a wrist or they strike the ground in an awkward angle and they break a collarbone, an arm, or a leg. There are a lot of different ways that these injuries can occur during a bicycle accident in Virginia.

Severity of the Injuries

Broken bones hurt significantly, and they can cause a person to go through a period of brief recovery or rehabilitation. Broken bones will hopefully heal correctly but this is not always the case. Bones can be broken so many times and heal correctly, but so many times there is some increased chance or susceptible for more broken bone; they are easier to break in the future.

Bones can be broken many times and heal correctly, but many other times there is some increased chance or susceptibility for more broken bones, as they are easier to break in the future.

Long-Term Injuries

Death can sometimes occur after a bicycle accident in Virginia. Many times, this is the result of a collision with fast motor vehicles, trucks, or buses.

Serious injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries that last a long time, loss of use of limbs and dislocations, and things of that nature can also incur long-term consequences.

Emergency Response

Some of these Virginia bicycle accident injuries are going to be seen by a trauma unit. These include injuries such as severe lacerations, abrasions, as well as fractures. They are going to treat them as if they are in a very serious situation and evaluate them fully for external and internal injuries.

If the injuries are more severe, then the individual is going to want to act on it as soon as possible as well as if someone has injuries that may be susceptible to getting worse over time like traumatic brain injuries, fractures, internal injuries, and things of that nature.