Virginia Barnett Crossbow Lawyer

Every year, thousands of hunters are venturing into the woods in search of a new hunting adventure. Unfortunately, some of these hunters return home with severe debilitating injuries, while others fall victim to lethal accidents.

A crossbow is a high-powered, single-shot weapon that is based on the design of the traditional bow and arrow. Evidence has suggested that crossbows have been issued in defense, warfare, and hunting for thousands of years. Today, these weapons have been a favorite in shooting sports, especially in areas where silence is an important consideration.

That being said, the common belief is that many injuries stemming from crossbows come from a stray arrow or that of negligence from another hunter. Rather, many injuries result due to manufacturer defects, such as a lack of basic safety features of the discharging of an arrow without the trigger being pulled.

By consulting with an expert Virginia Barnett crossbow lawyer, victims can fight for fair compensation from damages sustained by negligent behavior from hunters or manufacturers. A skilled personal injury attorney could assess the factors surrounding your case and work to establish how the negligence of another led to your injuries. Call and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Hunting-Related Accidents

Two of the most common causes of hunting-related injuries comes from falling out of tree stands and firearm incidents. Now, many of these incidents result from negligence and often leave victims with serious injuries. Some examples of firearm accidents include:

  • Defective firing pins
  • Accidental discharge
  • Failure to activate a crossbow’s safety feature
  • Inadequate training
  • Hunters mistook for wild animals

A simple malfunction of any kind, including crossbows and other firearms, can lead to life-threatening injuries, and in some cases death. High-powered crossbows are capable of shooting an arrow at 350 feet per second, and even faster depending on the type of weapon.

When the hand is curved around the forearm stock of a crossbow, the thumb or finger naturally extends over the rail and into crossbow’s line of fire. Because of the powerful nature of crossbow designs, anything that comes in the way of the string will be cut off in a matter of milliseconds. Someone who suffered an injury following a hunting accident should contact a knowledgeable Virginia Barnett crossbow lawyer.

Proving Liability in Crossbow Accident Cases

As mentioned before, hunting accidents result in a variety of serious injuries including puncture wounds, brain injuries, and broken bones. Depending on the conditions of the accident, numerous individuals that fail to carry a special crossbow license or manufacturers that fail to create a safe product may be held accountable. Generally, popular hunting clubs will carry liability insurance to provide coverage for accidents that occur on premises.

When landowners open their properties to hunters, they owe a duty to maintain the area in a reasonably safe manner. If, for example, a deep hole is covered by leaves or sharp cliffs have no warning signs, the dangers of these situations can result in the landowner being held liable for related damages

If a crossbow is proven defective, the manufacturer or weapon designer may be at fault for releasing a dangerous and defective product on the market. Under these circumstances, a crossbow may discharge on its own, thus causing serious injuries and also places liability on the manufacturer or designer.

Lastly, negligent hunters in the area pose a major threat, especially when there is a lack of training or awareness. An accidental discharge due to a simple mistake, or even shooting with the intent to maim or kill another hunter, can be argued via lawsuit.

Fighting for Virginia Crossbow Accident Victims

The dangers of hunting for sport can result in life-altering injuries. While injuries can occur in a variety of ways, it is important that hunters understand that by hiring a Virginia Barnett crossbow lawyer, they can fight to obtain fair compensation due to negligence on behalf of hunters or manufacturers. To learn more call today.