Washington DC Relocation Lawyer  

It is rare for a modification to be granted once the presiding court enters the final divorce judgment. One situation it could occur is when one of the parties relocates out of state, which could significantly impact any existing child custody arrangement. If you need help modifying your custody agreement because of an impending move, a Washington DC relocation lawyer could help you evaluate your legal options and ensure you comply with the laws governing a modification. Speak to a dedicated family lawyer to discuss your case.

Key Factors Used by the Court to Resolve Relocation Matters

The maintenance of a stable environment for the child is one of the primary factors that will determine the outcome of a relocation case. If the parent seeking to relocate does not have primary custody of the child, the custodial parent may have an edge. The petitioning party would need to demonstrate that the relocation they are requesting would further the child’s best interests to achieve a successful outcome.

A local attorney could represent someone at a relocation hearing and provide compelling evidence to support their request to move. Alternatively, when a parent needs help contesting a modification request, their lawyer could show that the current custodial arrangement is in the child’s best interest and a change could be to the child’s detriment.

The court may look at different key factors when considering whether a proposed relocation serves or undermines the child’s best interest. The reason the petitioning party is pursuing a relocation, the health and fitness of each parent, and the distance between the parent’s new home and the child’s current residence would be considered.

The court would also determine if the relocation would adversely impact the child’s day-to-day life, such as their education, social activities, and interaction with members of their extended family. The extent to which each parent contributes to their child’s growth and development and the amicability of the former spouses may also be considered.

The Potential Impact of Relocation on Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

Relocation proceedings are so involved and often require help from a nearby attorney because they can have a significant impact on preexisting custody and visitation arrangements. For example, if the former spouses share physical custody of the child, and one parent wishes to move out of state, the custody arrangement may require considerable modification. Sometimes, the court may decide that it is in the child’s best interest for the non-petitioning party to retain custody to minimize the disruption to the child’s life. A relocation attorney in the area could help someone understand the nuances of their particular claim and pursue an arrangement that benefits the child while preserving the parent-child relationship.

Consult with a Washington DC Relocation Attorney

If you plan to relocate out of state, or your former spouse just informed you of their plans to move, you should speak with a Washington DC relocation lawyer. It is important to understand that your obligations under your existing custody and visitation agreement will remain in force until the court modifies them, and failure to abide by these provisions could result in strict legal punishment.

A local family law attorney could help you comply with the applicable laws and represent your interests before a judge at relocation proceedings. Call today to schedule a case review and learn more about your legal options.