Washington DC Divorce Lawyer

Whether you have decided to end your marriage or your spouse is the one who wants a divorce, you will need a lawyer to advocate for your personal and financial interests.

If you have children, a Washington DC divorce lawyer will also work with you as you consider what is best for your kids. Speaking with a distinguished family attorney can give you the peace of mind you need to proceed with your case.

Basics of Divorce Law

There are several issues that frequently arise due to a divorce, including:

  • Property and asset division
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Post Divorce modifications of custody, visitation, and/or support

There are several means of resolving the issues listed above. Generally, divorcing parties’ choices are mediation, negotiation, and litigation.

Role of Mediation

Couples mediate when both spouses wish to amicably resolve their divorce without hostility. During mediation, a trained mediator helps the couple to work out financial and custody agreements beneficial to both parties and any children.

Mediation works best when relations between spouses are generally peaceful, but even parties who have strong feelings about the marriage, divorce, or the rights of the parties can be successful in mediating a comprehensive agreement. Even if the parties choose to mediate, each should still consult with a Washington DC divorce lawyer, DC. to ensure their legal interests are safeguarded before signing any mediated agreement.

Collaborative Divorces

Like mediation, a collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial alternative to litigation. While represented by their own attorneys, the couple will engage in a series of meetings to reach a settlement agreement. These meetings can include other professionals such as financial analysts or divorce coaches.  This option can be easier, more efficient, and less costly, overall, than litigation.

Of course, litigation is often necessary to resolve disputes that the spouses and their attorneys cannot resolve on their own. Sometimes a couple will first attempt mediation or collaborative divorce, only for negotiations to break down and result in litigation.

Considering Divorce

Rather than stay in a bad marriage, many couples believe that life is too short to be unhappy. While a divorce is inevitably difficult to go through, there are many ways a divorce result in a better life. Whether through mediation, negotiation, or litigation, Washington DC divorce lawyers can handle individuals case with sensitivity and professionalism.

Some reasons a divorce may be preferable to remaining in an unhappy marriage include:


If a child’s parents are unhappy together, that child is likely suffering as well. Kids are impressionable—if their role models are hostile or neglectful toward one another, kids can pick up on these behaviors and even emulate them as they grow up.

More Energy

Being in the wrong relationship is exhausting. After a divorce, parties may realize how much energy they spent worrying about their relationship. Once spouses have parted ways, they can focus on the parts of their own life or their children’s lives that they may have neglected.

New Partner

Once someone has have moved on from their possibly painful experience, they will have the freedom to find a positive relationship. In fact, in 2012, approximately 20% of men and 15 percent of women in Washington DC who had ever been married, had been married more than once.

Hiring a Lawyer

Any family law issue is bound to be stressful, especially divorce. It is a difficult decision to end a marriage you thought would last forever. A Washington DC divorce lawyer can lighten your burden through what is always a difficult time. Letting you focus on yourself and your children, a skillful divorce lawyer will fight for you and for an outcome that protects your interests and your future.