Spotsylvania County Slip and Fall Attorney

Many people envision a slip-and-fall accident as the stereotypical “banana peel on the floor of the supermarket” scenario. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are not a laughing mater and can occur in all kinds of different locations, under many circumstances. If you have suffered any type of harm as the result of a slip and fall accident contact a Spotsylvania slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to look at the specific details surrounding your case and can guide you towards the next step in fighting for compensation.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accident’s Take Place?

A slip and fall accident that warrants contact with a Spotsylvania slip and fall lawyer can happen in a variety of different locations. Supermarkets, for one, are rife with hazards like spilled and broken products, ruptured fruit on the floor, sloppy mopping jobs, melted snow near the entry way, and dripping produce sprinklers.

Other types of property settings also are common locations for slip-and-falls. These types of accidents occur at amusement parks, retailers, garages, warehouses, restaurants, parks, resorts, convenience stores, gas stations, museums, malls, hospitals, big box stores, parking lots, apartment buildings, banks, construction sites, corporate workplaces, universities, and even residential homes.

Negligence in a Slip and Fall

A slip-and-fall accident is not always caused by a spilled liquid. Any type of debris that creates a tripping hazard can cause a fall. Property owners have a responsibility, or duty, to keep their premises in a safe condition and to repair any dangers of which they are aware.

In a personal injury claim for a slip-and-fall accident, you will need to show the court that the property owner or manager was negligent in caring for their premises, not warning customers of potential hazards, or leaving areas in disrepair.

Icy sidewalks, broken stairs or handrails, cluttered walkways, poorly lit stairwells, unhygienic conditions, property that is not up to code or fails inspection, pot holes, loose floorboards, rickety decks, failure to post wet-floor warnings, and ignoring prior notice of hazardous conditions are all examples of ways a property owner may have been negligent. If any of these hazards led to your slip and fall contact a Spotsylvania slip and fall lawyer to see if you have a basis to seek compensation.

Slip and Fall Defenses

Just as property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises adequately, customers and visitors are responsible for heeding warnings and not acting in an unreasonably dangerous manner. If a property owner can show that you somehow contributed to your own slip-and-fall, this may bar your claim for recovery of damages related to your accident. This doctrine is known as contributory negligence and although it is the “minority rule” in American jurisdiction, it is the law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Another popular defense is lack of the notice.  This means that the property owner must have actual or constructive notice of the condition that caused the slip and fall.  The injured party carries the burden of proof for showing notice.  For this reason, it is especially important to consult with an experienced Spotsylvania slip and fall lawyer who can advise you on the best way to preserve your claim.

Tips for Preserving your Slip and Fall Claim

Seek medical attention immediately after any accident. Your medical provider can document your injuries and can run tests to determine whether you have any damage to your body that you may not be aware of yet.  If your injuries require follow-up treatment, follow the recommendations of your medical professional.

If you can safely do so, take steps to document your accident. Use your camera phone to take pictures of where you fell, what caused you to fall, and what the surrounding environment looked like. Even if you do not have a camera, you should take notes to make a record of the incident. Be sure to write down the name of the establishment, the date of the accident, where exactly on the property you were when you fell, and any witness contact information.  If you are not able to do these things because of the severity of your injuries, contact a trusted family member or friend to preserve these vital details.

Report the incident to the property manager, but beware answering leading questions that may be used against you. For example, it is human nature to apologize if your fall caused property damage, embarrassment or inconvenience, but such an apology could be later used against you to allege contributory negligence. Consult with your Spotsylvania slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible in order to understand your rights and the next steps after you are injured as the result of a slip-and-fall.