Spotsylvania County Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is when a car is hit from any direction, but often from the side, which causes the vehicle to flip over with its wheels facing some other direction than the ground. A rollover could be on the side or on the roof of the car. Rollover accidents could result in serious injuries which is why if you have been injured in a rollover collision, you should consult a Spotsylvania County rollover accident lawyer. A capable car accident attorney could determine the validity of your case and help you file a claim.

Common Fact Patterns

Some common fact patterns surrounding rollover accident scenarios include if a vehicle is turning and gets hit from the side as it is turning. If someone is trying to turn left and they do not have the right of way or there is a red light and they are trying to turn left and cars are coming in the perpendicular direction, they get hit while they are turning.

When a vehicle is turning there is more weight on one side of the vehicle than the other, on those two tires, than if the car is driving straight. If the car is making a left turn, there is going to be a lot of weight on the two right wheels. If another vehicle hit the vehicle on the left side as it is turning left, it would require much less force to tip over the vehicle and create a rollover accident than if it was just hit from the side normally. The combination of turning and being hit from the weak side often create this weight distribution whereby the vehicle is flipped over.

Difference Between Rollover Accidents and Other Car Accidents

As a Spotsylvania County rollover accident lawyer might explain, what makes rollover accidents different from any other type of accident is the fact that there is a second impact felt by the driver. In a different type of accident, the only impact that the driver feels is the impact of the other vehicle hitting their vehicle and maybe if their vehicle was hit by a third vehicle.

Rollover accidents are particularly dangerous, because not only does the person feel the impact of the car hitting them from the side, but there is the impact of the side of the car hitting the ground. If it is a serious rollover accident where a car is flying through the air and rolling multiple times, every time the car hits the ground, it is creating more impact that the driver is going to feel. Sometimes a slight accident could create neck and back pain, which could create all sorts of problems from all different directions. A person’s entire body could be injured due to a rollover accident because of the amount of impact that the driver feels throughout the accident.

Safety Tips to Prevent Rollover Crashes

Some safety tips to help people prevent themselves from being in rollover accidents are wearing a seatbelt, having a car equipped with airbags and side airbags, and choosing a car that is safer than others. Oftentimes a person does not plan to get involved with these accidents. They just happen to a person. The precautions that a person could take include always being a defensive driver and being on the lookout for other drivers who are not paying attention.

A person drives assuming that the other drivers are capable of negligence at any given moment and they are. Most people have been distracted at some point or another by something while they are driving, whether it is something in their personal life or something around them. That moment of negligence could happen at any moment for any car which is why looking out for a potential negligent driver is an important step to avoid an accident. If an individual wants to know more about steps they can take to avoid future accidents, they should speak with a Spotsylvania County rollover accident lawyer that could answer their questions.

Instances Where Preventative Measures May Not Be Enough

Some examples of when a person might not be able to prevent themselves from being involved in a rollover accident include not knowing if someone is coming at them from the side. They might be conscious of the drivers in front and behind them, but seeing a driver who is blowing through a red light is sometimes difficult to look out for. A driver goes through numerous intersections during a regular drive. A drive could have ten intersections involved in it. It is difficult to prevent being involved in these accidents.

Sometimes it is impossible to look out for, but there might be certain obstacles on the road like construction happening or things in the road that are abnormal and they need to slow down for. Being aware of the unusual traffic circumstances is a good way to prevent being involved in one of these accidents. Sometimes there are vehicles that are manufactured that have a higher rate of malfunctioning than other vehicles because of the way the weight is distributed or the poor engineering that went into the system, which could create problems.

Documenting Rollover Accidents

To document a rollover accident, a  Spotsylvania County rollover accident lawyer might recommend that a person take pictures or video of the property damage. It should be of their vehicle as well as the other vehicle and any other vehicle involved in the accident. They should take pictures of the other person’s license plate, driver’s license, any identifiable information about the other vehicle, and the scene of the accident. They should look if there are tire marks that were created and document those. Good pictures of the accident and other identifiable information illustrate how the accident logistically occurred.

How a Spotsylvania Rollover Accident Attorney to Help Them Recover Damages

The steps a Spotsylvania County rollover accident lawyer would take to help you recover damages would be similar measures as any other type of accidents. They could fight to ensure that you get the treatment you need to recover. Your Spotsylvania rollover accident attorney could also help you with the legal process by collecting the billing records of every medical provider that the injured party goes to, by assembling those records into a demand packet, by sending it to the insurance company of the tortfeasor, and by negotiating on their behalf to recover a fair settlement that accounts for all the injured parties’ pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, or any other damages that incurred. If you have been injured in a serious rollover accident, consult a skilled car accident lawyer and rest assured that you are in capable hands.