Spotsylvania County Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

A hit and run accident is defined by Prince William County law as an accident that occurs when, because of their negligence or other reasons, someone causes property damage to another person’s vehicle without stopping to exchange information.

This type of offense typically claims that the individual who caused the crash has left the scene of the collision in the hopes of not being found. A skilled car crash attorney can help you file a claim against the person responsible for your injuries.

What is a Hit and Run Accident?

In a hit and run accident, a person should stop and make sure the other person is okay and exchange information like their names, phone numbers, and license plate numbers as they would in a normal car accident.

Oftentimes, if the person who caused the accident has other criminal charges against them, is drunk at the time of the accident, or has an outstanding warrant for their arrest, they might leave the scene.

There are many reasons why someone would flee the scene of an accident, but regardless of the reasoning, it is illegal.

How do Hit and Run Accidents Differ From Other Crashes?

The aspects of a hit and run accident case that differ from other types of car accident cases is that they run from the accident, which creates multiple criminal charges around it. A person might get a notice of infraction if they did not see a stop sign or did not yield properly, but that is different than a hit and run in which there are criminal penalties, which are much greater than just a traffic violation.

It is also different in terms of the damages for the plaintiff. If the injured person could not get the other person’s insurance, the injured person would have to go through their uninsured motorist policy. While an uninsured motorist policy is usually reserved for when there is a tortfeasor who does not have insurance, that part of the policy kicks in when there is a hit and run situation.

Understanding Insurance Payments for Hit and Run Cases

When the tortfeasor does not flee an accident, the injured party can collect from the tortfeasor’s insurance to its limit, which may have a low cap of $25,000. They can then collect from their own insurance company if the tortfeasor’s insurance does not cover the extent of the damages and pain and suffering that the person was subjected to.

If a person has a hit and run in which the tortfeasor is never found, they have only one insurance company to deal with and one policy limit, which means less money to collect. However, liability is easier to prove in a hit and run situation, because they do not have another party saying that their client was at fault for the accident.

How an Evading Responsibility Attorney Could Help

In a hit and run situation, all the judge or jury has is the testimony of the person who was hit, since the person who took off would not be at the trial. It is easier to prove liability in that case.

Some ways an attorney could help with hit and run accident claims in Prince William County include being the person to contact. When a person is in a hit and run, depending on the medical injuries, it could be devastating.

It is also a shock. The person feels a great sense of injustice because the person who is responsible for their injuries and property damage has fled from being held accountable for their actions. Speaking to a lawyer about your case could be beneficial before going to trial. 

Spotsylvania County Hit and Run Accident Lawyer