What Should I Expect When Filing an Accident Claim in Fairfax, Virginia?

Well, they can expect a lot of confusing paperwork almost certainly, and unfortunately, frustration. But that’s where a Fairfax car accident attorney can really help out because we tell our clients your job is to get better, to focus on returning to your normal life as soon as you can, getting back to work or back to your usual routine, and we try take care of everything else.

We will ask our client to give us information that will help to document a lost wage claim, something like that, but usually, what they can expect is that it’s going to be hands on, lots of communication back and forth between the attorney and the paralegals and other support staff with the client, and their road to recovery will be dictated by their injuries and their medical treatment.

If you are going it alone, and you choose not to hire an attorney, you can expect frequent contact from the other party’s insurance company, demands for information, requests for a recorded statement, requests to sign medical authorizations, and maybe an early settlement offer. This can be daunting and insurance companies like to play got-you games where they’ll put on a good face and say that they want to make sure you are compensated for your injuries and they might talk you into making a recorded statement and then slip in something that will elicit an admission and maybe without even noticing it, you’ve now said something that compromises your case.

When to Contact an Attorney

I think the most important thing I can say is to engage an attorney as soon as you can. What you can expect from them is at least when something’s confusing, someone will be able to explain it to you. If there are problems with obtaining payment for medical treatment, if your insurance for some reason doesn’t want to cover some expenses or you don’t have insurance coverage, we can work with that and try to work out a payment plan or an agreement for your doctor to hold their bills until your case is resolved.

If you have issues with property damage, we can help with that, but most people haven’t been in serious accidents, and when they are, it’s a confusing process and it can be daunting. An attorney can help you to navigate the claims process and will work to protect your rights.

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Fairfax