Spotsylvania County Hit and Run Damages

Hit and run accidents in Prince William County commonly includes not obeying a stop sign or a red traffic signal. Someone goes through it and hits someone else’s vehicle. An evading responsibility arrest occurs when one person pulls over to exchange information following a crash, but the other person takes off without stopping.

Police often finds the person based on the description of the vehicle. That tortfeasor has their own problems to deal with, like a hit and run conviction or they have outstanding warrants. It is at this point that it could be critical to speak with an experienced evading responsibility attorney about the types of Spotsylvania County hit and run damages you should seek.

What are Recoverable Damages in a Hit and Run Case?

The recoverable Spotsylvania County hit and run damages include economic damages, which covers costs for property damage as well as costs related to injuries. This could include the use of an ambulance to the hospital, therapy, visits to specialists, and surgery if needed. Those things would be covered by the insurance company–either their own or the tortfeasor’s–if they are found.

There are two types of hit and run accidents, one where the tortfeasor is found and one where they are not found. A person’s lost wages are recoverable as well. If they miss time for work or are forced to take vacation hours because of the accident that they otherwise would have not taken, those are recoverable. Vacation hours to recover for an accident are recoverable if they are too injured to work.

Common Defenses in Hit and Run Cases

The first step a person should take after being injured in a hit and run accident is trying to remember what the tortfeasor’s vehicle looks like, as well as the license plate number if possible. It is also important to take pictures of their injuries, the property damage, and the location of the accident.

What is the Value of a Dashboard Camera?

Dashboard cameras are very helpful for finding liability, even if it is not a hit and run accident. If a person wants to prove that they had the green light when they were going through the light, the dash cam would be considered compelling evidence.

It may also be critical to contact an attorney who might be able to help clarify options for seeking Spotsylvania County hit and run damages. Being able to talk to someone who has dealt with a hit and run scenario can be a calming experience and makes them feel more certain about what is going to happen in the future.

How Punitive Damages are Tied to an Evading Responsibility Claim

Punitive damages are tied to common Spotsylvania County hit and run damages if they are able to find the tortfeasor and the court wants to further punish the tortfeasor. The court might want to punish the tortfeasor to make them an example for the community, because running away from injured person is an egregious crime, although punitive damages are rare.

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