Prince William County Truck Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

In Prince William County, a side impact collision occurs when one car crashes into the side of another car, usually traveling on perpendicular roads such that the crash creates a T-bone accident.

For trucks in Prince William County, a common fact pattern for side impact collisions is that a truck either cannot brake in time for the red light or the driver completely does not see the red light at an intersection. If the truck passes through the intersection, it may hit another driver who is passing through a green light traveling on a perpendicular street. In other words, side impact collisions often occur when one vehicle runs a red light and smashes into the side of another car. If you have been injured in a t-bone crash, consult a Prince William County truck side-impact collision lawyer. A capable truck accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a  positive outcome for you.

First Steps a Person Should Take Following a Collision

As with any accident, if a person gets involved in a side impact collision, they should make sure that they are physically uninjured. They should assess whether they have any difficulty moving their arms and legs. If they are injured, they should go to the hospital to have a medical professional look at their injuries and make sure that they are okay. At the scene of the accident, they should get the information of the other driver, including their license plate number, their name, their address, their email address, and as much contact information as possible.

If they have time, they also should take pictures of the damages both on their car and on the other vehicle. If that is not possible because the person is too injured to move and needs to be transported via ambulance to the hospital, then they can have someone else take pictures. The police will draft a report of the accident as well. After they have done all of that, the individual should consult a Prince William County truck side-impact collision lawyer that could help them file a claim.

Impacts of a T-Bone Accident

A side impact collision could completely total the vehicle, especially if the vehicle is hit on the axle and the axle is damaged. This type of damage is so costly to repair that it is cheaper to buy a new car than repair it. Usually, there are significant damages on the side of the vehicle. The driver often has injuries to their neck and back and occasionally to their head or shoulder. Airbags are often deployed and a cracked windshield and damaged bumpers are other common effects of a side impact collision.

Recoverable Damages in a Side Impact Collision

A person involved in a side impact collision can recover their medical bills, the pain and suffering that they endure because of the accident, and their lost wages if they have to miss work because of the accident. If this occurs in Prince William County or any county in Virginia, the person can collect punitive damages if the other driver was acting recklessly or in a way that would shock the conscience of an ordinary person. An example of this is drunk driving. If someone is driving drunk and collides with another person’s car, that other driver can ask for punitive damages to collect on the case. A Prince William County truck side-impact collision lawyer could help an individual recover compensation for any injuries or damage done to their property.

Steps a Prince William County Side-Impact Attorney Can Take

When someone has been involved in a side impact collision, a Prince William County truck side-impact collision lawyer could help by collecting the necessary information to assemble and send a demand to the insurance company of the tortfeasor. The attorney can collect the police report, the medical bills and records, any lost wage information, and any incidental damage information like rental car expenses or that the cost of repairing or replacing items in the vehicle that were damaged in the accident.

The attorney then can assemble all of this information into a packet with a cover letter explaining the personal injuries that have occurred as a result of the accident, including neck pain, back pain, broken bones, and an explanation of the difficulties that the injured person has had with their life. The attorney can send this packet of information over to the insurance company with a demand for a particular amount to settle the case. The insurance company will then contact the attorney to try to negotiate a settlement of the case. If an individual wants to know more about what options they have following a collision, they should consult a skilled lawyer that could help.