What to do After a Manassas Car Accident

While getting into a car accident can be very disorienting and cause someone a lot of discomfort, it is important that one remembers what actions will benefit them and harm them in the long run. This way, people will know what actions they should carry out and what they should avoid. As a result, they will be protecting their interests should they decide to pursue legal action against the other party. If they do decide to pursue legal action, they should contact an experienced Manassas car accident lawyer for more information.

What to do After a Manassas Car Accident

If you are in a car accident and need medical assistance, the first thing you should do is dial 9-1-1. It is important to make sure you and your vehicle are in a safe place and that you have remained in the vehicle if seriously injured.

If you are in a place where you feel safe, you are not seriously injured and you feel that calling 9-1-1 is not necessary, you should contact Manassas law enforcement and/or the Manassas fire department, depending on the facts and circumstances of the crash.

After you have taken care of your physical well-being and contacted your local authorities, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney in Manassas right away. It is important to understand your rights and what you must do to best preserve your potential claims. In general, it is most important to make sure that you are safe and uninjured, or if you are injured, that you are receiving appropriate medical treatment to help you recover.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid if you are injured in a car accident is trying to shake it off or walk it off. Oftentimes, people go into a state of shock following a car accident and may not feel the initial pain of an injury. As your body calms down, you may find yourself in serious pain or suffering from injury. If you feel you are injured in an accident, even if the injury seems minor, it is important to obtain medical treatment right away and document your injuries. Not only will they provide crucial medical assistance, having documentation of your injuries will be valuable while you are building your claim with the help of a Manssas car accident attorney.

Another common mistake is forgetting to contact the law enforcement. Remember, it is your duty to notify law enforcement within a certain period of time when an accident occurs.

It’s also a mistake to downplay your injuries or make statements to law enforcement, medical providers or the at-fault party’s insurance company indicating that your injuries aren’t as serious as they really are. It is a natural human response to say that you feel okay unless you are suffering from a serious injury. However, this modesty is not appropriate for someone involved in a personal injury, and it may be considered negligence on your part and used against you at a later time. It is important to document your injuries fully from the very beginning.

How to Avoid Making These Mistakes

To avoid making common mistakes after a car accident, make sure that you contact your medical provider immediately, contact law enforcement and contact an experienced Virginia car accident attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will make sure you are on top of your game when it comes to needed documents and evidence for your case.