Firm’s Approach to Fairfax Slip and Fall Cases

We are dedicated to helping injured persons receive maximum compensation for injuries that they incurred through no fault of their own. We are dedicated to making sure that our attorney-victim relationships are strong, that our clients can trust us and that we communicate effectively with them through the process.

Taking a slip and fall case is certainly a big deal. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys want to make sure that the victim is the right fit for our firm and we are the right fit for them. To this end, our firm’s approach to Fairfax slip and fall cases involves detailed conversations with the victim.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

The at-fault insurance companies seize on the opportunity to negotiate with an unrepresented person. They may offer someone who is seriously injured a quick settlement that is not a fair amount or does not take into consideration the full extent of the person’s injuries. An attorney could step in to help protect victims from these aggressive practices.

An insurance company knows that if they offer something quick that can distract the injured party, they may be able to save their own client money, and that is what insurance companies are all about. They exist to mitigate risk and to pay out the least amount possible. A person’s slip and fall attorney can make sure that the person’s interests are represented so they can be sure that an insurance company that is only going to be looking out for its own interest and the interest of its client are going to be not as concerned with the slip and fall party.

Benefits of a Personal Injury Firm Over a Solo Practitioner

While there are many strong solo practitioners in the personal injury area of the law, a dedicated firm could use their exponentially greater resources to their client’s best interest. A law firm includes a variety of attorneys with different levels of experience, different opinions, different knowledge bases, and all sorts of different skills and strengths that they can combine on behalf of the victim. This also includes a myriad of clerks, legal assistants, paralegals, and staff who specialize in helping injured parties.

Personal injury law firms also have years and years of combined experience. A solo practitioner may have many years of experienced and be widely respected, but at a law firm you could have multiple attorneys with the same amount of experience. Several lawyers could combine their experience exponentially to assist the case.

Importance of Communication

The foundation of a strong relationship between victims and their attorneys is trust and experience. They should understand each other and speak to each other freely. The attorney wants to make sure the client is recovering and not worrying about what is going on with the legal case.

At some points in a case, there may be low periods in which there is not a lot to do. During these periods, the attorney wants to make sure that the victim knows what is going on and where the case is heading. An attorney could help give victims accurate expectations about when they will be contacted, whether the case is ramping up toward a settlement or mediation, or whether it is ramping up to a trial.

It is the goal of a healthy relationship to make sure that all of this is spelled out. As the relationship evolves and the expectations change, it is important that the communication changes with it and that everyone is on the same page.

Seek Out a Law Firm That Understands Your Needs

Our firm’s approach to Fairfax slip and fall cases emphasizes the importance of forming a strong, trusting relationship. Slip and fall victims want to know that they are taken care of and that their attorney has their best interest at heart. Likewise, an attorney wants to know that the victim trusts them, is ready to work with them, and respects their opinion. That relationship can be developed, increased, and positively grown upon based upon the attorney and victim’s communication.

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury firm and schedule a consultation. These initial meetings are excellent opportunities to discuss your case and find representation that suits your needs.