What is a Dog Bite Claim in Virginia?

The following are frequently asked questions regarding dog bite injury claims in Virginia as answered by a Virginia dog bite injury lawyer. For help filing a dog bite claim, or to learn more about other injury claims call today to schedule a free consultation.

When Can I File a Dog Bite Claim in Virginia?

If you’ve been bitten by an animal through no fault of your own, either an animal running at large, or as an invitee onto a premise of a friend, neighbor, or relative then you may have a recourse against the homeowner or the dog owner.

How is Liability Established?

Liability is established in a number of ways. Typically, I interview witnesses to try to understand what the circumstances of the bite were, what was going on with the victim and the dog before the bite happened, and whether or not the dog has a history of this behavior.

How Do You Research and Establish Evidence for Liability?

For a dog bite case, you definitely want to do your due diligence and talk to local authorities including animal control, other witnesses, family members, and things like that to see if there’s anything that you can do to show this dog potentially has a history of such thing. If that’s the case, then it might be something that could potentially influence the case because it would put the responsible party on notice that they have a dangerous dog.

What Are Some of The Most Common Injuries You Have Seen as a Result of a Dog Bite?

Most common injuries are various abrasions or contusion of skin, breaks of the skin requiring stitches, injuries to the face, injuries to the extremities such as the ears, eyes, or nose. These are the most common injuries. This can be severe especially depending on the type and the size of the dog.

How Long Does Someone Have in Virginia To Bring a Dog Bite Claim?

It is important to preserve information as soon as possible in a potential dog bite claim. Regarding the time period in which a claim can be legally brought, however, it is generally governed by the general two year statute of limitations for civil actions.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions as They Relate to Dog Bite Cases?

There are generally misconceptions that dog bite cases are overly difficult to pursue or not worth the time and effort.  If you or a loved one are injured as the result of a dangerous dog, it is important to receive medical treatment for your injuries and then talk to a Virginia dog bite attorney as soon as possible.

Are There Any Common Mistakes That You See Individuals Make in Dog Bite Cases?

I think all too often in dog bite cases individuals try to handle the cases on their own rather than getting an experienced attorney involved on their behalf. That’s something that injured persons do not explore as much as they probably should and that’s a common mistake on dog bite case.

Why is Contacting An Attorney Early in The Process of a Dog Bite Case Important?

Since we’re talking about insurance claims or any other potential claim with insurance company, an insurance company is going to want to contact injured party as soon as possible to try to work out a settlement that’s in their client’s best interest. That is not necessarily in an injured person’s best interest. An attorney can recognize that and help them understand what the value of their injury is and make sure that they’re properly compensated for their loss.