Hiring a Chantilly Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

When looking for the right attorney for your traumatic brain injury cases, questions often arise as to not only what to look for in a lawyer, but also how certain factors of the traumatic brain injury attorney’s practices and personality can affect the value of the final case. When considering hiring a traumatic brain injury lawyer, it is important to consider contingency fees, attorney-client relationship, and whether they are a solo practice or part of a larger team.

Contingency Fees

Traumatic brain injury cases, like other personal injury cases, are typically accepted on what are known as contingency fees.

Contingency fees are the industry standards for personal injury cases. What this means is that the attorney does not accept the fee and does not earn a fee until the case is resolved. This is unlike contract fees, criminal law, or real estate practice, where attorneys sometimes bill an hourly rate.

Contingency fee cases often encourage the client and the attorney to become partners in the case. They have the same interest in maximizing their client’s claim throughout the process, including when it is a good idea to settle. Even though it is a contingency fee case, this might mean that the attorney has the authority to settle without the client’s permission. However, the client, at all times, has the absolute authority to settle or take the case to trial and the attorney cannot make a final action without expressed consent or expressed authorization of the client.

Benefits of a Law Firm

A law firm versus a solo practitioner may have some benefits in the field of a personal injury law. The typical advantage of a law firm in a personal injury case is more resources and greater access.

An individual personal injury attorney in a solo practice or part of a small group may have some resources, including a paralegal, a legal assistant, and even a clerk or two. But a full-scale law firm that specializes in personal injury cases will have a devoted team that handles specific elements of the personal injury practice and can devote those resources solely to your case.

At Price Benowitz, we have a variety of attorneys with varying levels of experience as well as law clerks, legal assistants, and paralegals all dedicated to the practice of personal injury law. This helps to maximize the benefits to our clients.

Attorney-Client Relationships

Trust is the most important part of the attorney-client relationship. At Price Benowitz, we take this relationship extremely seriously.

This includes building trust with our clients from the outset, communicating with them from the very first time they walk in the door about what expectations they have, what expectations we have for them, and how we must trust each other in the exchange of information to come to the best possible outcome of the case

So trust is the linchpin in this relationship and communication is something that develops that. Trust is built over time and does not happen immediately. We work very hard to ensure that our clients can trust us, we want to earn their trust and then to hold and keep that trust as the case develops.

Chantilly Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer