Chantilly Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When someone has suffered a traumatic brain injury, an attorney typically gets involved right away. Often, traumatic brain injuries do not pop up in the same way as a broken bone or bulging disc, which is evident on an MRI.

Chantilly injury attorneys that handle traumatic brain injury cases are experienced in dealing with all different sorts of individuals and their family members to understand who the proper parties to deal with are and how they can best help someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Just like in all other cases, there are a variety of different types of damages. An experienced Chantilly traumatic brain injury attorney will work with the client to understand what damages are present in their case and how these damages can be proven.

The most common types of damages with traumatic brain injury cases are the same as other personal injury type cases. They are general damages, which are pain and suffering type damages, as well as special damages, meaning medical bills and lost wages, as well as potentially punitive damages.

In a traumatic brain injury case, present in most types of cases, there may also be future damages. This may include future medical basis, future lost wages, and even future pain and suffering.

Expert Witnesses

In Chantilly, it is typically necessary to employ an expert witness to discuss and speculate on future damages. A traumatic brain injury attorney in Chantilly who handles these cases on a regular basis will have a good relationship with a potential expert witness to discuss and figure out what exactly is necessary for that particular case. Every traumatic brain injury case is unique.

In the medical field, attorneys do not know as much about the brain, like how it heals and how it is injured. For example, people generally know how a bone breaks, how long it takes to heal, what limitations are during those periods of healing, and the long-term implications of it. It is not the same for the brain. So they want to make sure that they have a variety of different positions available and explore the case on a unique basis.

Role of a Lawyer

Clients may see that medical bills are requested, discovery happens, and there may be court filings or motions. Clients are typically not privy to what is happening behind the scenes in a TBI case.

The main things that are happening behind the scenes are consultations with potential expert witnesses and review of medical documents, including reviews by expert witnesses and the discussion of similar cases. A Chantilly Traumatic Brain Injury attorney is going to look at prior cases both in that jurisdiction and outside that jurisdiction to try to evaluate what reasonable outcomes for their client may be, given the injuries sustained.

Essentially, the attorney is going to discuss with the client’s doctors, the treating physicians, what the prognosis is for the future. Some of this information is going to be privy to the client and some of it may not be made readily available. The attorney in a TBI case is always working behind the scenes to try to maximize the client’s interest.

Working with an Attorney

In a TBI case, as in other personal injury cases, the attorney and the client are partners in the case. It is the attorney’s duty, and an ethical duty, to look out for the client’s best interest.

When someone has suffered a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another, it is a serious and life-changing matter. Experienced attorneys take that responsibility, when someone comes to them with an injury to the brain, seriously. They have a responsibility to them, to their family, and to the community to try to do their best to make sure they are justly compensated so that they may live their life again to the fullest.

Contacting an Attorney

A traumatic brain injury may take longer to notice and it may take a while for a client to be comfortable talking with a Chantilly traumatic brain injury attorney. They take these cases seriously and are very deliberate in their analysis and in their investigation. They make sure that they take the case as seriously as possible and deeply as possible to ensure that they are acting at all times in the client’s best interest, and make the client comfortable trusting they will do everything for their case.

Personal injury cases, especially TBI cases, are taken on a contingency basis. This means that there is no fee until a contingent event occurs. A contingent event is the settlement of the case and the distribution of proceeds.

Chantilly Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer