Virginia Neck Injury Lawyer

Car accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice and intentional acts are all common causes of neck injuries in Virginia. If you have been injured, the first step to take is seeking a medical professional to help diagnose your injuries to help you on a path to recovery. This is crucial because while initially you may not feel pain, you may have still suffered severe injuries that could influence your health in the future. Seeking out a medical professional immediately will also help prove that the injuries you sustained were directly correlated with the car accident in court, which is vital for your case. If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence and your neck has been injured, it’s important to contact a Virginia catastrophic injury attorney who has experience handling similar cases.

While neck injuries are complex, they have a wide variety of ways of presenting themselves, ways of being diagnosed and a wide variety of defenses available. It is important to contact an attorney who is familiar with these defenses. They can help avoid any pit falls and problems that may arise in pursuing your case.

Common Neck Injuries

Sprains, strains, slip disks, cracked vertebrae are all common neck injuries. In car accident cases, whiplash is a very common neck injury referring to the stretching or ripping of muscles as well as a wide variety of ligaments in the neck that are very sensitive and could be injured when you’re involved in a serious car accident.

Additionally, persons that are involved in serious accidents or victims of medical malpractice may also incur neck injuries around their vertebrae including a slip or crack in car accidents, errors in neck area medical treatment and certainly also, intentional acts involving the neck area.

Costs Associated with a Neck Injury

Persons who have suffered neck injuries in Virginia and subsequently decide to file a lawsuit to help them hold the other party responsible usually incur costs for expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are people who are considered trustworthy and reliable members of their field who provide testimony in a case. They can be very beneficial in helping a person establish a variety of aspects relating to their injury, like the timeline of their injury and its severity.

Incurred damages are calculated through the medical bills, for the treatments you’ve received, for future treatment and for the potential need for other types of rehabilitative care including chiropractic care, physical therapy and things of that nature. There may also be damages for lost wages, lost opportunity, permanent loss of range or ability and things of that nature.

What to do After a Virginia Neck Injury

The first thing you should do if you have suffered a neck injury is to get emergency medical treatment right away. Neck injuries are serious if not treated properly. They can get worse and potentially may result in paralysis.

It’s important to contact emergency medical services right away. After you contact the emergency medical services, make sure the police have a record of the accident and have them contact an experienced neck injury attorney in Virginia who has handled these cases because they can help you in your case.