Filing a Car Accident Claim in Alexandria

In an Alexandria car accident case, a person files a “lawsuit” in court and files a “claim” against the insurance company. An action is just another word for lawsuit, so filing an action is the same as filing a lawsuit. A lawsuit means that the individual is asking the court to decide the dispute between them and another person, because they are claiming that person’s negligence caused them damages. A claim against the insurance company is not a formal document, but rather a letter claiming injury due to the negligence of the company’s insured.

A lawsuit filed with the court is initiated by the filing of a compliant. Once someone files a complaint with the court, they begin a lawsuit and are on the path to go to a trial.

To file an Alexandria car accident claim, an individual must prepare a complaint and file it in the courthouse with the courthouse clerk and pay the appropriate fee. After the clerk files the lawsuit, they must serve the lawsuit on the defendant.

Initial Steps Before Filing an Action

Before filing an action, the injured person and their attorney should figure out if they can settle the case without having to file an action. If they cannot settle the case for a favorable amount, they may then wish to file a lawsuit. Before that happens, however, they will want to submit a claim to the insurance company. At this time they will need to gather all their medical evidence to show the extent of their injuries, as well as evidence showing that they were not at fault for the accident.

Collecting evidence is essential to proving the case. Without evidence such as witnesses, police reports, or photographs, it is difficult to show who is at fault.

Photographic Evidence

The injured person should collect photographs upon the accident showing the damage done to the cars.

They should also take photographs of any injuries that they may have experienced as a result, such as bruising or lacerations, because if the injuries heal and can no longer be seen, the extent of their damages will be limited. The individual should show any photographs they have to an attorney that will keep a record of the damages that were sustained

Doctor’s Opinions

It is important for an individual to collect opinions from a doctor before filing an action because if they do not, they will have no basis for their injuries claims. Their word alone is not strong enough to claim an injury in court. However, if a medical doctor examined them and ran tests that showed that there was some kind of structural defect or structural injury to their body, they can use that as support of their injuries and as a basis for their lawsuit.

Negotiating With an Insurance Company

It is always worth trying to negotiate with the insurance company before filing an action because there is nothing to lose in such negotiations, but they may save the time and money it would take to file a lawsuit. Negotiations may be able to resolve things quicker and can help gather information about the other side’s case before a lawsuit.

Negotiations continue even after the case is filed. Sometimes negotiations will continue all the way up until the time at trial, or even up until the minute before a verdict is read. Negotiation is just another way to resolve the case. Negotiations can continue through the entire process. It is really a matter of both sides accepting a final value to be rid of the case.

There are also more costs involved in continuing with the lawsuit, which means that the more that is spent, the less money that the injured party will eventually get in their bottom line. Therefore, it could be cost effective to resolve a case rather than trying it all the way to a verdict.

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