Our Approach to Prince William County Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injuries can be the result of an accident or negligent or reckless behavior, and can manifest either as a primary or secondary injury. An experienced lawyer can help a client navigate their traumatic brain injury case and understand their rights.

An attorney’s role is to be an advocate to their client, and this is especially true for people suffering from traumatic brain injuries in Prince William County. Injuries to the brain can have devastating and long-term impact on a person, and experienced lawyers understand that.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Helps Clients

Clients rarely see that the attorneys are working behind the scenes conducting discovery and talking to doctors and experts. In particular, they speak with experts in the TBI field regarding the implications of the medial records, including sensitive materials that may be difficult for the client to talk about. This includes the real life implications of what some of the medical tests are. They are also speak with experts about what they feel the potential routes for recovery or estimated damages would be, work with the adjuster on a regular basis, and offer counsel in litigation.

Responsibilities to the Client

As attorneys, our job is to advocate for our client. The client is truly the captain of the ship, and our job is to tell the client exactly what is happening, answer their questions in a timely manner to make sure that they know what is going on with their case, and to make sure that ultimately, they are the ones making the decisions.

An attorney never settles the case without a client’s express authorization and understanding of what settlement of the case means. The attorney does not have the power to overrule the client. Rather, it is the attorney’s job to make sure that the client knows what their rights and responsibilities are, and how as their attorney, we can assist them in furthering and bolstering the attorney-client relationship.

How Price Benowitz Handles TBI Cases

The Prince William County attorneys at Price Benowitz take traumatic brain injury cases very seriously. Every traumatic brain injury case is unique, just as every personal injury case is unique. Each client comes to us from a different background and personal story. We make it a priority to understand their story, how the TBI injury has changed their life, and what we can do, even in small steps, to try to give them a sense of normalcy and ensure that they are appropriately compensated for the loss.

Dedication to Our Clients

TBI injures are often injuries that you do not see. A person does not have a broken bone and they do not have a lost limb or a scar. Many times, these injuries are overlooked because they are internal. The person may feel depressed, that they are not being given adequate consideration, or that they are just “off” and not the person they were prior to the injury.

At Price Benowitz, we want to make sure that our TBI clients feel that their stories matter and that their stories deserve to be heard. TBI injuries are very serious, and if you suffered a serious injury that was not your fault, we want to work hard to make sure that the at-fault party is held responsible for your injuries.

Costs of Hiring a Prince William TBI Injury Lawyer

Just like in other personal injury cases, you never pay for a consultation for a TBI case at Price Benowitz. If you are speaking with counsel and they discuss the possibility or the likelihood for a consultation fee, you should be very wary of the practice. The industry standard is that there are no consultation fees for traumatic brain injury cases.

Typically, the attorneys at our firm are retained on a contingency fee basis, as are most personal injury and TBI lawyers. This means that we do not take a fee until recovery has been made by the client. The contingency fee means that fee is not given until a contingent event occurs. The contingent event means that a settlement is accepted, or a judge or jury verdict is in favor of the client..

In some cases, the law firm advances costs and fees that may be associated with a TBI case, including fees for obtaining and reviewing medical records, fees for service of process and investigators, fees for talking to doctors and expert witnesses, and fees for demonstratives and other trial exhibits.

Working With a Firm v. Solo Practitioner

There are benefits to working with a law firm versus a solo practitioner. The main benefit is resources. The law firm is going to have a significant amount of non-attorney staff dedicated to supporting their personal injury practice. This may include medical clerks, investigators, persons handling discovery, and other aspects of litigation and attorneys that are assisted by experts, such as on-staff nurses or doctors that can understand and decipher medical records in a timely and beneficial manner.

A solo practitioner may have to outsource a lot of these features and that may end up costing the client additional money than a law firm, as well as additional time. As a firm that approaches every case like a solo practitioner, we give ample time and resources to all our cases. Attorneys attached to a firm will also have the ability to consult with other attorneys about your case, and gain different perspectives into your case.