Mediation Considerations in Virginia Pedestrian Accident Cases

One of the many mediation considerations in Virginia pedestrian accident cases is cost. Generally, mediations are considered cost-effective. Often times, mediations cost far less than going to trial including hiring experts, hiring doctors, those sorts of things so there is definitely a cost aspect to it.

If parties agree that mediation is going to resolve the differences, they do not have to worry about putting the case in the hands of a judge or jury who may not be on the same level. Speak to a capable pedestrian injury attorney about whether mediation is appropriate for your case.

What are the Costs of Mediation?

The parties split the costs of mediation, either evenly or in some proportional fashion that is agreed to ahead of time. Mediation is still going to be far less expensive than going forward with a trial because one is not going to have the costs of trial as well as the costs for preparing for a trial.

Defining the Potential Benefits of Mediation

The benefits of mediation are that the parties have an informal setting in which they can present their issues to someone who is experienced and may be able to resolve the case in an efficient manner that benefits them and it is also significantly less stressful.

The most important of mediation considerations in Virginia pedestrian accident cases is the possibility of case resolution. Parties can agree that a certain disposition resolves the differences and the case can be settled.

That is the most important thing that can come out of mediation. In addition, mediation helps the parties narrow the issues; determine what the case is really about and proceed forward on those issues in a manner that makes it more efficient for everyone involved.

Important Steps in Preparing for Mediation

An individual would want to be prepared with all the issues that they would want the fact-finder to consider in mediation. The clients should be prepared for mediation which would include what their expectations are.

The mediation process is different than the trial process. It is not as adversarial and allows both parties to walk through the pertinent facts of the case and resolve issues.

What is the Role of Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies approach mediation from the perspective that it lowers their risk. Insurance companies are all about lowering their risk and making sure that they there are not exposed to an adverse result. They can resolve the case in good faith in an efficient manner –with no additional cost or risks, or litigation costs.

Speaking to Lawyers About Mediating a Case

A mediation can be positive because it gets individuals an end-result which makes without the stress than going to trial. Plaintiff’s attorneys that represent injured parties always run the risk at trial of getting a zero result. It could be a defense verdict. A mediation typically means that the client will receive some benefit of the case which may be beneficial to their best interests and makes them certainly much happier.


Role of Mediation in Virginia Pedestrian Accident Cases