Newport News Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Were you hurt on the job in Virginia or hurt out-of-state while working for a Virginia-based company? Does your employer regularly have three or more employees working in Virginia? If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” you likely have a right to compensation for your injuries. With the help of a skilled Newport News workers’ compensation lawyer who has experience in workers’ compensation civil actions, you can seek the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained while on the job.

Work injuries are a difficult problem that many Virginians face. Injured workers must not only deal with the physical and emotional tolls of their accident, but they must also face a complex workers’ compensation system where insurers regularly deny legitimate claims, delay payment of disability benefits, refuse to authorize necessary medical treatment prescribed by physicians, and offer pennies on the dollar to settle claims. If the worker is represented by a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer in Newport News, then he or she has an advocate by their side to seek civil justice on his or her behalf.

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Newport News Workers Compensation Lawyers Navigate Work Injury Claims

Work injury insurance claims, and the potential civil litigation surrounding them, are very intricate and the process can quickly become overwhelming. That’s because the laws governing these claims and cases can be convoluted. The facts of the case and how the law is applied to the rules of workers’ compensation are different than other personal injury cases. Anyone who has experienced a workplace injury knows that if you are pursuing compensation on your own, or with an attorney who is not familiar with the intricacies of Virginia workplace injury law, the chances of being fairly compensated for an injury that keeps you away from the job for a few weeks, or possibly a lifetime, are slim.

The Virginia workers’ compensation program was created to assist those who become injured while on the job and are thus rendered unable to work. Unfortunately, contesting workers’ compensation claims is a big business for large insurance companies that defend employers who neglect their legal responsibilities.

In the event of a workplace accident, an insurance company ostensibly pays the part of the victim’s salary while away from the job, the medical bills they incur as a result of their injuries, and other related expenses. This can be very costly, and since insurance companies are in the business of generating profits from policyholder premiums, and paying out as little as possible in claims, insurance companies routinely deny claims or only offer the injured worker a fraction of what the claim is actually worth. They also try to deny money to pay for legitimate treatment, claiming that the treatment is “unnecessary,” or charge that lawsuits based on their denial are frivolous. Insurance companies also frequently videotape claimants in search of evidence that they believe will allow them to argue that the claimant is not actually injured, or that their injuries are not as serious as claimed.

Sometimes insurance companies offer to pay for ineffective or substandard treatment. Their adjusters might try to delay paying claims by requesting paperwork that may not directly apply to your claim and engage in lengthy investigations of your medical history in search of pre-existing conditions on which to base a denial. One of the benefits of having an experienced attorney on your side is that the adjuster must then deal with your Newport news workers’ compensation lawyer, who will understand the complexity of the system and how to fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

Determining Who Is At Fault for a Workplace Injury

In many cases your employer is at fault for the circumstances that caused your workplace injury, but it may also be possible that someone other than your employer is responsible. For example, in construction accidents, where contractors and subcontractors are a large part of the workforce, a diligent investigation is required in order to determine who is liable for the accident. The company that pays your salary as well as the entity responsible for the premises where you work could be equally responsible for the cause of your injuries and it is important to identify which parties are at fault so that you may obtain the proper compensation from the implicated parties. If a family member suffered wrongful death in a Newport News workplace accident, the stakes are even higher, and the process can be even more complicated for surviving family members.

All of the points we have mentioned up to now present their own obstacles that injured workplace victims must overcome in order to receive damages normally associated with personal injury claims in Virginia. Sometimes the source is worker’s compensation. Other times, an injured worker may seek compensation through a third-party lawsuit. At every turn, an insurance company and its lawyers will attempt to place obstacles between you and your rightful compensation.

Consult with a Newport News Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If a company other than your employer had any hand in your injury, a Newport News workers’ compensation lawyer can work to make them pay for the negligence or willful intent that has left you suffering and worrying how to pay your bills and get well. Contact our law office today for help finding a workers’ compensation attorney in Newport News. Although we do not handle Newport News workers’ compensation claims, we can put you in touch with an attorney who does. Or, learn more about injury claims we handle in Newport News.