Negotiating Virginia Medical Malpractice Settlements 

Negotiating Virginia medical malpractice settlements can be daunting, but Virginia medical malpractice attorneys understand how settlement calculations occur, how insurance carriers and their attorneys value certain types of injuries, and what similar cases in certain regions have settled for or resolved as a jury verdict. Knowing what the case is worth factually and legally as well as knowing how to get skilled in negotiation can impact how an experienced medical malpractice injury attorney can help a case.

Issues in Negotiating a Virginia Medical Malpractice Settlement

There are a variety of issues a person may encounter when negotiating a settlement, including insurance coverage issues, liability issues, issues on calculating damages and the understanding of what the legal costs of a case is versus the actual cost.

Delays in Receiving a Settlement

Whenever there are issues such as insurance coverage issues, lien issues, and things of that nature, it may delay the settlement process. These will be additional things that may be discovered and uncovered before a party can make a settlement and ultimately collect the settlement.

Additionally, if it is a wrongful death case or a case involving a minor, these would potentially require court approval and petition for court approval process because of the length of the case.

How can the Process be Expedited?

An aggressive approach can expedite the settlement process. A medical malpractice attorney is going to advise their client on how the settlement process occurs and what advantages or disadvantages there may be to try to move quickly.

There may be a variety of advantages if one’s case acts quickly and tries to seek a proper resolution. In other cases, it may be in the client’s best interests to be a little bit more methodical and calculated in their movement. It varies on a case-by-case basis. An individual would want to talk to an attorney about what strategy is best for the case and their interests in negotiating a Virginia medical malpractice settlement. 

Steps to Ensure Settlement in a Timely Manner

The best way to make sure that a settlement occurs in a timely manner is to stay in touch and communicate well with an attorney. This will include talking to the attorney, working with them to try and hammer out any issues that may arise ahead of time, asking prompt questions, and executing documents in a prompt manner.

All things that make a good relationship with an attorney will revolve around communication. All of these could be helpful in ensuring that a prompt end is reached after the settlement figures are decided upon.

How a Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Virginia medical malpractice attorneys resolve cases as part of their daily craft. They have seen all the hiccups that can occur in the settlement process and they understand what must be done to effectuate a smooth and anxiety-free settlement for a person. They want to make sure that certain things are done in a certain way to maximize a person’s recovery while minimizing their worry and loss of time. Contact a lawyer today to negotiate a Virginia medical malpractice settlement.

Virginia Medical Malpractice Settlements