Virginia Burn Injuries and Negligence

Burn injuries can often be catastrophic, life-altering injuries. After suffering such an injury, an individual is suddenly faced with a multitude of responsibilities they have never faced before. If you have suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of another, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced Virginia lawyer immediately. An individual should never suffer because of someone else’s careless, and it is important that you contact an experienced attorney, who can assist in maximizing any potential damages you may deserve.

Defining a Burn Injury

In the realm of personal injury law, an individual has suffered a burn if they have incurred an injury due to hot water, a flame, a chemical, or another substance. If an individual has suffered this burn injury due to the negligence of another individual in Virginia, they should hire an experienced attorney immediately.

After suffering a burn injury, an individual should call 911 and go to the hospital or specialized burn center in their area. After seeking medical attention, an individual should try and document any and all details about the nature of the burn injuries that they can remember. This may include names of witnesses, statements, people, places, and any other details that may be helpful in determining liability. There are a variety of different types of burns. The most common types of burns are fire, chemical, water, and steam burns.

Determing Negligence

Unfortunately, in Virginia, burn injuries are often the result of negligence on the part of property owners, employers, or product manufacturers. Poorly maintained premises are frequently rife with fire hazards. Debris, clutter, trash, faulty wiring, and appliances that are not up to code are all dangers that may cause fires or burn injuries.

Improperly stored chemicals and inadequate employee training on how to handle caustic substances could be indicative of negligence on the part of the employer. Industrial explosions are also frequently the result of negligent storage, maintenance, or management of chemicals or explosive agents. Failure to adhere to fire code or occupancy guidelines is a reason why a property manager or owner may be held responsible for a fire and any resulting injuries. With a proper attorney, the negligent act that led to an individual’s burn injury can be prosecuted in court to the highest degree.

Role of an Attorney

Typically, a burn injury attorney is going to follow the same steps in a burn case as with any other type of personal injury case. These include determining liability, interviewing witnesses, determining damages, and making sure that there is causation between the type of liability and the damages requested.

Burn injuries are tragic and catastrophic in nature. The role of a burn injury attorney is to help their client do the very best they can in representing them and to make sure their medical coverage can be met without undue financial burden. This may include getting damages to pay for future, past, and present medical bills. This may also include lost wages, and pain and suffering damages for permanent scarring and disfigurement. Burn injury cases can often be emotionally traumatic as well. As a result, pain and suffering may be a significant part of a burn injury case. This is dependent on the nature of the burn, the nature of the permanency of the injury, and the nature of the person’s prior exposure.

Because negligence must be proven, and establishing liability can be complex in burn cases, it helps to have a Virginia attorney by your side to sort out the details, and confidently argue the case on your behalf.

Virginia Burn Injury Attorney