Expediting a Virginia Car Accident Settlement

Generally, there is no set time period involved the settlement process. Knowing how to properly navigate the settlement process can certainly expedite it and provide the best and most informed return for an individual’s claim.

An experienced car accident attorney can help a person understand what a fair and appropriate time to expect the settlement to be made after the terms of the settlement are reached. This may include helping them understand what their liabilities are, what moneys may be owed to other parties who have an interest in the settlement, and how to properly execute settlement documents.

Settlement Time Frame

The case typically settles after taking time for both sides to present their case and execute required documents. Each side will also need to take the outstanding bills to assess how they are going to be paid, as well as understand and coordinate any lien issues. An attorney can then begin executing the necessary documents to effectuate the settlement.

Medical Improvement

Many cases settle long after the injury initially occurred because the parties want to make sure that the injury is fully healed. Meaning, expediting a Virginia car accident settlement is not typical for medical improvement cases.

This is known as reaching maximum medical improvement or MMI. It is not appropriate to generally settle a personal injury case until a person has reached MMI or until the treating physician has said that the person is recovered to the greatest extent they can be and this is because

If a person is injured and agreeing to a quick settlement if they want to get it over more quickly, but later find out that they have a more serious injury than they originally thought, the person cannot go back and ask for a greater settlement.

Negotiating a Settlement

There are a variety of issues that someone may incur when expediting a Virginia car accident settlement including outstanding medical bills, medical bills for unrelated treatment, liens including worker’s compensation liens, or Medicare or Medicaid liens, and a variety of other issues. Certainly, every case is unique and the issues that a person may run into will vary on a case by case basis.

Role of the Client

It is valuable to know that expediting a Virginia car accident settlement may trigger a contingency fee. Car accident attorneys work on contingent basis that means they are only paid when the settlement or jury verdict is reached.

The client should have an understanding of what the gross amount of the settlement is, as well as what their net proceeds may be depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, and the difference between the gross amount and the net proceeds may be very different.

This is especially true in cases in which there may be liens or extraordinary costs or expert fees that a client has incurred to reaching that settlement. Every case is unique and a person would want to talk to their attorney about what other fees may be involved in making their settlement a net proceed.

Speaking with a Lawyer

They should be aware that every person will only get one chance and the reached settlement is binding in the case and a person cannot return and claim that he or she was injured and didn’t know it when all the injuries were related to the initial accident.

There are a variety of things that a person wants to talk about with their own attorney when expediting a Virginia car accident settlement. They should be certain that they have brought up all their issues and concerns when speaking with their attorney about reaching the settlement number.

Settling a Virginia Car Accident Case