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A Virginia school bus accident lawyer can represent injured victims of school bus crashes, or family members whose loved ones are killed in a fatal bus collision. School bus accident claims are very complicated because special rules apply to limit when bus drivers and school districts can be sued.  A school bus accident attorney in Virginia with experience investigating and litigating bus accident claims can help you to understand your legal rights.

How a Virginia School Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Virginia school bus accident lawyer can fight for your right to obtain full and fair compensation after a crash. This can include monetary payment for:

  • Pain and suffering due to the injury
  • Emotional distress resulting from the crash or injuries
  • Wage losses, including future losses if your ability to work is permanently affected
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Wrongful death damages when a fatal bus crash leaves grieving family members behind.

A settlement can often be negotiated to obtain compensation outside of court, but your case may also be decided by a  judge or jury if no agreement on liability or just damages is reached. A school bus accident lawyer in Virginia will help both with the negotiation of an agreement and with presenting your case in court. Call today to learn more about how the specific rules and requirements of a successful school bus accident claim may impact your case.

School Bus Accident Risks

Both passengers and non-passengers can be seriously injured or killed when a school bus crash occurs. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data collected over more than a decade, around 65 percent of people killed in school-transportation related accidents die after being hit by a school bus. Buses hit other vehicles and pedestrians for lots of different reasons, including:

  • Drivers who go too fast for road conditions or who exceed posted speed limits
  • Drivers who cause roll over accidents on top-heavy buses.
  • A failure to maintain the bus safely to avoid problems with brakes or other components
  • Tailgating or following too closely behind another vehicle
  • Driving while distracted by a cell phone or any electronic device

Determining how the bus accident happened and who was at fault, is important so victims can pursue a damage claim. Both passengers aboard a bus and those struck by a school bus should consult with a Virginia school bus accident lawyer to understand their legal rights.

Who is Responsible for a School Bus Accident?

A victim of a school bus crash can pursue a claim for compensation against the party that is responsible for the accident.  This could be a bus driver, a mechanic that did not maintain the bus properly, or another driver on the road who caused the bus to crash.

If the bus driver is employed by a bus company or any agency or entity, the company, agency, or entity can also be sued based either on the actions of its employee or based on its own negligent policies and practice (for things like poor hiring procedures or inadequate training).

Often, bus drivers are employed by school districts or local municipal governments. When a claim is against the bus driver, district, or municipality, the case can become very complicated because of a legal doctrine called sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity is an old rule that Americans brought to the legal system from England that prohibited suing the king because the king could do no wrong. Today, sovereign immunity limits when government employees and government entities can be sued.  This makes it much more difficult to recover compensation, but not impossible. A Virginia school bus accident lawyer who has handled cases against school districts and cities should be consulted for help pursuing a claim despite sovereign immunity rules, particularly if local county governments are involved in a potential claim.

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