Role of a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Virginia

Often one of the most serious injuries an individual can face, a traumatic brain injury can have a lifelong impact on a person’s life. Oftentimes, these injuries result in a loss of consciousness¬†and could include extended time in the hospital. Therefore, if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury at the cost of another’s carelessness, it is incredibly important to contact a traumatic brain injury attorney in Virginia immediately.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, a TBI attorney is working hard to gather medical records, determine liability, and establish the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. They are also determining other causation and calculating damages. An attorney may be talking to medical experts, interviewing witnesses, and doing a lot of different things that the injured party does not know as they are focusing on their recovery. Many TBI attorneys will let their clients focus on their recovery, because they know it is quite stressful and exhausting to try to keep up with the ins and outs of their case.

The affected individual may not understand certain legal processes, or why certain things take longer than others, so it is not always necessary to burden the individual with more to worry about than they may need. The role of traumatic brain injury attorney is to make sure that all the legal requirements are met so the client can focus on their recovery. The attorney in the case is constantly working behind the scenes to make sure they have the very best claim.

Attorney-Client Relationship

The attorney-client relationship is the very crux of any Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) case. One of the roles of a lawyer is to make sure the relationship between the client and attorney is strong, to ensure the client knows that the attorney can be trusted. This relationship develops over the course of the time that a client is recovering from their injuries. They can get to know the attorney and know that the attorney is looking out for them. The attorney’s role is to make sure that the client is informed, has their questions answered, and is kept updated on the progress of the case. It is the center of any personal injury case.

We build attorney-client relationships by communicating with the client and building trust from the very beginning of the relationship. The trust factor is what separates a good attorney-client relationship from a bad one. We have set expectations from the beginning that is receptive to our clients. We understand their hardships and the trust they have placed in us by choosing us to represent them, and we never take them for granted.

Seriousness of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

These very serious cases are a special subset of all personal injury cases. Traumatic brain injury cases are constantly a priority, and made sure to be paid special attention to. Because of the delicate nature of the victims being represented, attorney’s pay special attention to making sure their file is documented. They want the client to know that they can trust their attorney throughout the entire process.

Traumatic brain injury cases are some of the most vigorously defended. This means that insurance carriers often times try to minimize or negate their exposure on these cases, because they know that the science behind traumatic brain injury is constantly evolving. There are some experts that they may be able to get in their corner to try and reduce or lessen their culpability and responsibility for their action.

The role of the traumatic brain injury attorney is to make sure that the at-fault party pays their fair share, and that the clients are properly compensated for the actions and injuries they suffered that are no fault of their own.

Cost of Retaining a TBI Lawyer

Typically, it does not cost anything to retain a TBI lawyer. TBI cases, like most personal injury cases, are accepted on a contingency basis. This means that no fees are due until the contingent event occurs. In a TBI case, the contingent event is the client’s decision to settle the case, or after the settlement. When this contingent event occurs, the fee charged, as agreed upon by the contact representation, becomes due and there is a calculation of what is owed to each party, what costs are present, and what may be owed to medical providers.

Benefits of Working with a Law Firm

The benefits of working with a law firm versus a solo attorney for personal injury cases are the resources, the ability to delegate the tasks that are required for a complex personal injury case, and a variety of different people with different skillsets. Whether it is law clerks, paralegals, or a variety of attorneys with different backgrounds and levels of experience, many individuals are constantly working on your case and making sure that it is handled properly.

There are many qualified solo personal injury attorneys, including many with experience with TBI cases. However, it is important to note that when you have the varying resources of a law firm, you have a wide variety of skill sets to draw from. If one attorney is not available to return your call, for example, you may have other resources that you can contact. In a smaller or solo firm, this may not be the case despite their best efforts.

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