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Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer
An adult brain is a mass weighing approximately 3 pounds. Despite its relatively small size, the brain is an irreplaceable organ responsible for controlling all of the body’s major functions. Often taken for granted, it can suffer detrimental and irreversible harm in the blink of an eye. Brain injuries are non-selective and can happen to anyone at any time. Given the extent of the problems that such injuries can trigger, anyone who has suffered brain injury, or who knows someone who has suffered such an injury, should contact a dedicated Virginia brain injury lawyer.

In Virginia, with its numerous metropolitan areas, hospitals, and highways, these specific types of injuries happen all too often. Fortunately the personal injury practice group at our law firm is here to help victims. Read on to learn more about different types of brain injuries and the services our Virginia brain injury lawyers offer.

Advantages of a Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer

When an incident leading to a brain injury is caused by the actions of another person, whether intentional or unintentional, the victim and his or her loved ones may be able to receive financial compensation. This compensation may cover not only the medical and health care costs associated with the injury, but also the non-economic ramifications as well, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of the victim’s and/or family’s quality and enjoyment of life, and even wrongful death, should that occur. A Virginia brain injury lawyer can review your case to help you determine what your options may be.

Types of Brain Injuries

According to the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, there are two main types of brain injuries to consider:

A non-traumatic brain injury results from an internal complication such as pulmonary conditions or other health problems. A traumatic brain injury (TBI), on the other hand, is the result of an external force such as an impact-injury or penetration of the head or skull.

The scope of impact that a brain injury has on one’s quality of life and that of his or her family will depend upon the severity of the injury itself. The initial medical treatment following a serious injury may help to limit further complications. Often, however, the damage sustained at the moment of injury – whether non-traumatic or traumatic – is irreversible. A Virginia brain injury lawyer can help inform you of the law so you understand the options available to you.

Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

A non-traumatic brain injury is typically caused by internal health complications. Pulmonary conditions which cause stroke or blood clots can lead to permanent damage. Additionally, tumors, seizures, oxygen deprivation, infection, or exposure to poisonous or hazardous substances could cause a brain injury. Although there is no “moment of impact” or external force, the long-term results of a non-traumatic brain injury may be the same as those acquired in a TBI-inducing accident. A Virginia brain injury lawyer may be able to help , particularly if the injury resulted from medical malpractice or negligence.

Examples of non-traumatic brain injuries include, but are not limited to:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), on the other hand, occur because of some external force that causes a disruption in the normal functioning of the brain. Extensive research has been devoted to the study of traumatic brain injury symptoms and how to treat these cases.

Brain Injuries & Car Accidents

When two or more vehicles collide, the impact can sometimes result in one or more of the drivers or passengers developing a severe brain injury. Especially if the collision occurs at high speeds, the force of a vehicle coming to a sudden stop can cause someone to slam their head into the steering wheel or even windshield. Even if a seat belt restrains a person from hitting their head, a coup contrecoup injury can still potentially occur as the seat belt restrains the body, but cannot account for the whiplash effect on the brain.

Brain Injuries & Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere, especially when the ground becomes uneven or slippery. If someone were to slip, fall, and hit the ground with their head, the force of such an impact could potentially result in a severe brain injury. Even if there initially appears to be no immediate injuries, delayed symptoms can arise in the future. As a victim, it is important to understand that property owners have an obligation to ensure that those who legally enter their premises have a reasonable expectation of not being injured. And, subject to certain exceptions, the property owner can be held liable for the injuries sustained by an individual who slips and falls on the premises.

Brain Injuries & Medical Malpractice

While hospitals may be the last place anyone suspects a severe brain injury to occur, it is not unheard of for such injuries to be sustained at the hands of medical personnel. Brain injuries can occur while a doctor or surgeon is treating his or her patient. One of the more common brain injuries in the hospital setting occurs when the brain’s supply of oxygen is obstructed for a short amount of time. These obstruction or depravation periods may occur at birth or during a surgical procedure. Oxygen depravation can lead to delayed developmental growth or other permanent disabilities. Moreover, a medical professional can fail to diagnose a brain injury, which can lead to the exacerbation of one’s injury, and potentially expose the medical provider to a cause of action for medical malpractice.

Closed Head Injury

In the case of a closed head injury, the brain sustains damage by excessive motion within the skull. The sudden change in momentum caused by a fall, automobile accident or other collision, or the significant impact caused by a serious blow to the head, may be enough to cause permanent damage to the brain.

Open Head Injury or Penetrating Injury

In a penetrating head injury, the brain is injured when a foreign object enters the skull. This may result from the bullet involved in a gunshot wound, impalement by an object, or even when an impact to the head causes a fragment of the skull to pierce the brain.

Brain Injury Lawyer in Virginia

How a Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

A Virginia brain injury lawyer who has successfully represented TBI victims and their families can provide you with the information you need regarding your right to compensation. In a free consultation, you can find out more about how others, like yourself, have gained financial peace of mind in a terrible and trying time. Contact the team of dedicated legal professionals at Price Benowitz today to schedule a complimentary case review, and find out how a Virginia brain injury attorney can help fight for the compensation that you deserve.