Maryland Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

Water activities are a popular hobby and summertime activity across Maryland. The area’s many lakes and miles of shoreline offer opportunities for motorboating, sailing, and kayaking to people of all ages. One particularly popular option is jet skiing. These motorized vehicles can move across the water at great speeds and do not require any special license for operation. An experienced injury attorney recognizes that this lack of regulation may lead jet ski operators to make reckless choices.

Riding a jet ski near other vessels or swimmers can place these people at a high risk of harm, particularly when poor decisions are made while using the vehicle. If you have suffered injuries because of the actions of a jet ski operator, a Maryland jet ski accident lawyer could work to explain your rights, gather evidence, and evaluate how the incident has impacted your life.

Duty of Care for Jet Ski Operators

Operating any boat comes with responsibilities. Any time that a person takes a jet ski out onto a public waterway, they assume a duty to protect other people. It can be helpful to think about this duty as being similar to car drivers. Boaters must refrain from speeding, follow the appropriate safe operating area signs, and keep their attention on what is around them.

Jet ski accidents are usually the result of people failing to take proper precautions. An operator who violates the rules of the water or becomes distracted could be held liable for any damages they may cause in the event of an accident. A Maryland jet ski injury attorney could explain more about the concept of unsafe boating and gather evidence that demonstrates negligent operator practices.

Recoverable Damages After a Jet Ski Accident

Jet ski accidents can result in severe injuries. A churning motor can result in deep cuts or amputations, and collisions may break bones, separate joints, or cause concussions. The threat of drowning in any water accident magnifies these dangers. A Maryland jet ski accident lawyer could seek compensation to cover the costs of all necessary medical care.

However, at-fault boaters are responsible for providing payments for all damages, which may stretch beyond physical injuries. Many victims of jet ski accidents experience persisting pain, emotional trauma, or lost income from being left unable to work. A lawyer could work to evaluate the full impact of an accident on a victim’s life and seek payments for all related damages.

According to Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code § 5-101, the time limit to file a personal injury claim involving a jet ski accident is three years from the date of injury. Acting quickly is an essential part of obtaining full compensation after an accident on the water.

Speak With a Maryland Jet Ski Accident Attorney Now

Injuries that occur on Maryland’s waterways are far too common. Jet ski operators who speed, fail to follow navigational buoys, or are drunk at the controls place others at serious risk of harm. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because of these behaviors, you deserve compensation to set things right and relieve your financial burdens.

A Maryland jet ski accident lawyer could help measure your losses and seek fair payments from at-fault operators and relevant insurance companies. Contact an attorney today to take a step toward protecting your legal rights.