Tysons Corner Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter who it involved or what specific circumstances led up to it, a personal injury has the potential to alter your life’s course in both the short term and the long term. On top of various financial expenses and losses, serious physical impairments often come with immense personal and psychological consequences as well—all of which may have been avoidable were it not for another person’s misconduct.

If your accident stemmed solely from someone else’s careless or reckless actions, it may be a good idea for you to talk to a knowledgeable attorney about your options for litigation. Once retained, a qualified Tysons Corner personal injury lawyer could provide the custom-tailored legal guidance you may need to effectively demand the financial restitution you deserve for your damages.

How Negligence Creates Liability for a Personal Injury

While there are a few rare exceptions for injuries that occur under unique circumstances, most forms of personal injury litigation revolve around one party causing harm through their own “negligence.” In a legal context, the term “negligence” refers to someone failing to uphold a responsibility they had to act reasonably under certain circumstances and directly causing an accident resulting in compensable losses as a result.

Since different people may have different responsibilities—or, to use the legal vernacular, “duties of care”—in different situations, various actions may constitute “negligence” depending on the circumstances. For example, a store owner may have an obligation to inspect their property regularly and fix hazards that might harm lawful visitors, but they generally owe no such responsibility to trespassers.

However, personal injury victims can also bear partial responsibility for their injuries based on their own negligence—and since Virginia follows a “pure contributory negligence” system, any percentage of fault that a court assigns to a civil plaintiff completely bars that plaintiff from recovering any compensation. For this reason, seeking help from a Tysons Corner personal injury attorney could be crucial not only to proving someone else at fault for an accident, but also to proving that a plaintiff does not share in any of the blame for that incident.

Recovering Comprehensively Within Filing Deadlines

Through a successful settlement demand or civil lawsuit, a personal injury victim may demand restitution for any type of harm they can connect directly to the negligence of the defendant(s) named in their case. Recoverable damages may be either economic or non-economic in nature, and they can include both losses that have already happened and losses that have not occurred yet but likely will in the future.

Importantly, though, Code of Virginia §8.01-243 limits prospective personal injury plaintiffs to just two years after discovering that their injuries stemmed from negligence in which to file suit. Ensuring compliance with this statutory deadline is another reason why it may be important to talk with a personal injury attorney soon as possible following an accident in Tysons Corner.

Contact a Tysons Corner Personal Injury Attorney Today

Civil recovery after a serious accident is certainly not impossible in Virginia, but it is a lot more complicated here than it is in many other states. Given the various limits on recovery set out by state law and state court precedents, representation from seasoned legal counsel may be virtually essential if you want a fair chance at recovering for all your losses.

During an initial consultation, a Tysons Corner personal injury lawyer could answer your questions, address any concerns about civil litigation that you have, and set you on course for a positive case resolution. Schedule yours by calling today.