Surry County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries are often an unavoidable part of life. Unfortunately, even the safest and most careful individuals can be vulnerable to the poor choices and reckless decisions of others.

When those reckless decisions result in injuries, the perpetrators are liable for any resulting damage. This includes covering the costs of all necessary medical care, providing compensation for emotional trauma, and even reimbursing victims for lost income. However, these payments are only possible if an injured person can prove that another party was at fault for an incident.

A Surry County personal injury lawyer may be able to help. Experienced attorneys work with people like you to explain the law, gather evidence, demonstrate losses, and demand fair and full payments in and out of court.

Demonstrating Fault for an Injury

Physical injuries are common after accidents. However, just because someone suffers an injury after an incident does not automatically mean that another party is to blame. Injured people bear the burden of proving the fault of others for their injuries in both insurance claims and lawsuits demanding compensation. Most of the time, this means demonstrating that another party was negligent.

Negligence is a legal concept that allows people injured in accidents to collect compensation from others. Negligence occurs when a party has a duty to protect another, fails in this duty, and an injury takes place. It applies to many personal injury cases that arise out of accidents, including:

  • Car, motorcycle, and truck collisions
  • Slips and falls, or other incidents that occur on the property of others
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective product claims

A Surry County personal injury attorney can take the lead in a personal injury case and gather evidence that points to negligence. They can also help fight back against any allegations of contributory negligence. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, if a jury believes that a party did not take appropriate steps to prevent their own injuries, that jury cannot award any compensation.

Injured Individuals Deserve Full Compensation for Their Losses

The purpose of any personal injury case is to collect the compensation that a person needs to get their life back to normal. Compensation cannot change what happened, but it can cover medical bills, lost income due to an injury, and emotional traumas.

Just as an injured person must prove that a defendant was at fault for the incident, they must also prove how the incident impacted their life. Relevant evidence in these situations may include:

  • Medical bills and records
  • Timesheets from employers
  • Estimates of future necessary medical care
  • Records and bills from mental health professionals
  • Physical therapy notes

A Surry County personal injury lawyer can help to demonstrate the effect that an incident has had on a personal injury victim’s life and demand appropriate compensation from all liable parties.

Discuss Your Case with a Surrey County Personal Injury Attorney

Every person and company in Surry county is responsible for their own actions. This includes taking steps not to harm others. Even so, accidents can and do happen.

If you have suffered an injury because of the poor choices or actions of others, you have the right to seek out compensation. This may be payments for medical bills, lost income, or emotional trauma. A Surry County personal injury lawyer can help you to pursue these payments during settlement talks and in court. Contact an attorney today to schedule a free consultation.