What is a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Virginia?

A pedestrian accident encompasses a broad range of circumstances including whenever a pedestrian would encounter some other form of transportation, notably an automobile, a bus, even a cyclist, which can all result in a potential accident.

Common Places Where Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Virginia

Sure. In Northern Virginia especially, pedestrian accidents often occur at busy intersections, at unmarked cross streets, as well as local mixed use paths. Victims may include walkers, cyclists, or runners. In addition, near intersections but not in crosswalks are a prime location for potential accidents when either drivers aren’t paying attention or pedestrians are trying to cross outside of the designated areas recklessly.

Common Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents

The most common types of injuries that I see as a result of pedestrian accidents are certainly lower body injuries: ankle, leg, or foot injuries in particular. Other injuries consistent with a pedestrian hitting the ground also occur regularly: elbow injuries, back injuries, and hand injuries. Likewise, I also see concussions and facial abrasions from hitting the ground or hitting the windshield of the vehicle. In the case of a cyclist-on-pedestrian injuries, there can be very serious lacerations or abrasions caused by the bicycle parts. Notably, bike chain, bike tires, and gears may dig into the skin to cause ripping and tearing injuries.

What Are Some Common Questions Accident Victims Ask You?

I think the most common question is they want to know what to expect. That’s a difficult question to answer because every case is different. No two cases are quite the same. What to expect in one case might not happen in the next case. My goal is to advise my clients about the legal process, how claims work, how civil litigation works, what to expect as their case proceeds down this potential path. But it’s impossible to foresee an exact timeline of what will happen and when.

Contacting a Virginia Pedestrian Accident Attorney

It’s important because we handle cases like this all the time. We know what to expect. We know what the insurance company’s tactics are going to be. We can assist injured parties in dealing with all of the legal and procedure questions so that they do not have to worry. Injured people and their families should focus on getting better not on why insurance companies are asking them certain questions. We help provide that peace of mind.