Manassas Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it is important to contact an experienced Manassas personal injury attorney right away. An attorney who handles traumatic brain injuries (TBI)  is a specialist in handling this unique subset of personal injury cases. To handle a TBI case, an attorney should understand and be knowledgeable about the characteristics of injuries and symptoms that may present themselves in a TBI case. This would include identifying the symptoms of a TBI, identifying proper treatment procedures in a TBI, talking to experts and potential witnesses about the prognosis for recovery in a TBI, and assisting in preserving information that may be necessary for a TBI case during the trial. If you believe you have suffered traumatic brain injury, you should contact an experienced Manassas traumatic brain injury attorney right away.

Assessing Damages for a Manassas Traumatic Brain Injury

Damages for a TBI case are approached similar to damages for other types of personal injury cases. However, there is an increased emphasis of future damages in a TBI case. Because it is difficult to document how long a traumatic brain injury may last and whether or not treatment will be successful, it is important to contact experts in the field of TBI to understand what the specific symptoms of TBI injury are and what the prognosis of recovery may be with certain types of cases.

A Manassas traumatic brain injury attorney who has experience handling these cases will know what experts to reach out to for help assessing damages in a case like this.

Common Types of Damages

The most common types of damages with respect to a TBI case are medical bills and future medical costs. In addition, there are special damages, such as specific costs of the medical procedures and medical bills related to the treatment of identification and treatment of TBI as well as future medical bills and future damages, such as future treatments that may be required and other future damages that may occur, such as lost wages and loss of capacity. There are also prospective damages involved like damages that look into the future and are not readily present. It is important to discuss these with an experienced Manassas traumatic brain injury lawyer and skilled expert witnesses. Those expert witnesses are very necessary in TBI cases.

Attorney-Client Relationship in Manassas

Attorneys work with clients as well as expert witnesses to assess what damages are available. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another, you have damages. How and what type of damages are awarded is a key feature of the process and your traumatic brain injury attorney in Manassas will help you determine what damages are possible.

An attorney-client relationship in a TBI case is very important. Typically the client explains at length how the accident has affected them and what type of injuries they suffered. This is very important in TBI cases because the client’s memory may be affected by the damages they have suffered. Therefore, it is important for an experienced attorney who handles TBI cases in Manassas to have a trusting relationship with their client. They should speak with them quite often about the facts and circumstances of their case and how the damages evolve over time.

Maintaining Communication Between Attorney and Client

If a client has a question, they should reach out to their attorney. A Manassas traumatic brain injury attorney’s job is to make sure that their client’s questions are answered in a timely manner. Sometimes it is not possible to answer questions the minute they are asked, particularly if the attorney has another obligation. However, an experienced attorney will do their very best to answer client’s questions on a timely basis.

Part of the attorney-client relationship is the expectations of when and how questions are answered during the course of the representation, which is very important. Often attorneys will explain at the beginning of the representation that they will try their best to answer questions quickly, but it may take up to 24–48 hours given the type of case and type of questions asked. The type of relationship determines how communication will go, which is very important.

It is also important to know that the communication is a two-way street. Just as you expect the attorney to answer questions, the attorney also expects the same from the client.

Manassas TBI Lawyer’s Biggest Responsibilities to Clients

In general, it is a Manassas traumatic brain injury lawyer’s responsibility to look out for their client’s best interests and preserve their best interests. This means that the attorney has a duty, specifically a duty of loyalty, to think of client first and themselves later. They put themselves in the client’s shoes when thinking about whether or not certain investigations should take place, certain questions should be asked and certain bills and records should be requested. An attorney should leave no stone unturned. At Price Benowitz, we very much value placing a client’s interests first and work around the clock to make sure that the client receives the care and attention they deserve, especially if they’ve suffered an injury as potentially devastating as a traumatic brain injury.

Manassas Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer