Madison County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries are a difficult and often unavoidable part of life. No matter how carefully we act or what safety precautions we take, the fact is injuries will still occur.

If these injuries are the result of the poor decisions of another party, hurt people have the right to demand compensation for their losses. This may include the payment of medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, or compensation for lost quality of life.

Even so, it is still necessary to prove that another party is to blame. A Madison County personal injury lawyer may be able to help. A skilled attorney can perform an investigation into the incident, explain the relevant laws, and demand proper compensation from all at-fault parties. 

When is Another Party At-Fault for an Injury?

The burden always falls on an injured person to prove that another party was at fault for the incident that resulted in their losses. But what exactly does this mean? Most injuries are the result of accidents. In these situations, an injured person must prove that another party was negligent.

Negligence forms the basis for most personal injury cases. Negligence typically applies to traffic collisions, slip and falls, defective product claims, and incidents involving medical professionals. In these scenarios, an injured person must demonstrate that a defendant had a duty to provide protection, failed to do so, and an injury resulted.

However, it is also necessary to defend your own choices. The Commonwealth uses the antiquated concept of contributory negligence when evaluating personal injury cases. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, if an injured person did not take reasonable steps to prevent an injury, they cannot collect compensation for their losses. A Madison County personal injury attorney can help to show that another party was solely responsible for an incident. 

What Compensation May an Injured Party Claim?

Proving fault is only one part of a comprehensive claim. It is also necessary to show how the incident has impacted one’s life to collect proper compensation. The central aspect of all cases is a physical injury. Whether an incident requires a single trip to an emergency room or necessitates a lifetime of rehabilitation, at-fault parties are responsible for providing payment for all necessary medical care.

Even so, this is only a portion of the available payments. A personal injury lawyer in Madison County could work to evaluate the impact of the incident on a person’s quality of life. If an injury has left a person with nightmares, PTSD, or other mental health concerns, they can demand compensation for these losses. Additionally, a case can demand reimbursement for lost wages. These may be due to missing shifts to seek medical care or a permanent disability that will forever affect a person’s ability to earn a living. In short, a personal injury case must demand payments for all losses.

Contacting a Madison County Personal Injury Attorney is Essential After an Accident

The most important thing to do after suffering a personal injury is seeking medical care. However, the next step that people should take is evaluating their legal rights. Personal injuries that are the fault of another party are compensable events. This means that another individual, company, or insurance provider must provide compensation for your losses.

A Madison County personal injury lawyer can help you to collect the payments you deserve. An attorney will handle all the details of pursuing your legal rights while you focus on healing from your injuries. Call today to learn more!