Leesburg Car Accident Attorney

The very first thing someone should do after being injured in a car accident is to contact emergency medical assistance and ensure that their immediate medical needs are taken care of. Following medical treatment, an individual should contact law enforcement to report the accident and make sure that the accident is properly documented. Following these two steps, the next most important act to take is to contact a Leesburg car accident attorney, who can help ensure that a person is aware of their rights and takes the necessary steps to file a strong claim. To discuss your case with a knowledgeable injury attorney in Leesburg, call and schedule a consultation today.

Common Causes of Accidents

There are a variety of factors that commonly cause car accidents in Virginia. Some of the reasons that car accidents occur are the drivers are exceeding the speed limits or breaking common safety rules, which include following too closely or driving while distracted. This can include a number of different distractions including:

  • Not paying attention
  • Using a cellphone
  • Listening to the radio
  • Being fatigued
  • Or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Recoverable Damages

If someone has been injured in a car accident that was not their fault, they may be able to recover damages with the assistance of a car accident attorney in Leesburg. These damages may include property damage to their vehicle and any medical expenses they have incurred, the lost wages they have suffered, and the pain and suffering that they had to endure as the result of the other individual’s negligence.

Generally, there are two different categories of damages in a car accident claim. The first of which is property damage which is typically not handled by attorneys, rather they are handled directly by the individual’s insurer. If the person needs assistance in handling or evaluating property damage claims, an attorney can be there to advise.

Another type of damage commonly sought in car accident cases is personal injury or bodily injury claim. This is where a Leesburg car accident lawyer can really be beneficial to someone. In a bodily injury claim, a person’s damages include medical expenses they have incurred, lost wages from the time they had to miss work, pain and suffering, and other losses or general damages due to the inconvenience that they did not ask for.

Contacting an Attorney

Because car accidents can sometimes be traumatizing experiences, people may not always remember what their next steps are after an accident. There is a two-year statute of limitations for car accident claims, and it tends to come up sooner than people expect. Therefore, contacting a Leesburg car accident attorney early in the case allows them to gather important evidence regarding the claim—to gather medical records and other medical bills and to do other things that assist in the preservation of a positive claim. If someone waits until the last minute to contact an attorney, it may be difficult to put forward the best claim or the individual’s case may draw out longer than necessary as well.