King and Queen County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a personal injury because of the actions of another, you may have rights under the law. One of these rights is the ability to demand compensation for your losses. However, this right is never automatic. You need to take proactive steps to collect these payments.

At times, this can include filing a claim against an at-fault party’s insurance. In other situations, this may require pursuing a lawsuit in a King and Queen County court. In both examples, the burden lies on you to prove that another party’s actions were the sole reason for your injuries.

A King and Queen County personal injury lawyer may be able to help. An attorney can work to investigate the incident that caused your losses. Through the proper gathering of evidence, a lawyer can form demand packages that seek out proper compensation from all at-fault parties.

Injured People Bear the Burden of Demonstrating Fault

Most personal injuries are the result of accidents. Others come about from intentional acts of violence. One thing that all claims for compensation have in common is that the injured person must prove that another party was the sole cause of the incident.

As applied to accidents, this generally means proving that another party was negligent. A person or company is negligent when they have an obligation to provide protection under the law and fail to do so. Unlike in many other states around the country, injured people in King and Queen county must show that it was only this negligence and not their own actions that were the cause of an injury. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, if a person did not take reasonable steps to protect themselves leading up to an injury, they cannot collect compensation for their losses. A King and Queen County personal injury attorney could work to demonstrate that another party’s actions were the sole cause of an incident that resulted in an injury.

Parties Deserve Full Compensation for their Losses, but there is a Limited Time to Act

At-fault parties have an obligation to provide full compensation to those who suffer because of their negligence or criminal activity. As a result, people demanding compensation must be able to demonstrate how these incidents have impacted their lives.

All victims of injuries will demand payment for the costs of all medical care. This includes an ambulance ride, emergency room treatment, and rehabilitation. In addition, a claim may also demand payments for emotional traumas, lost quality of life, and economic losses. An attorney can help parties to place an accurate value on their cases.

The Code of Virginia § 8.01-243 says that injured parties have two years from the date of their injury to demand compensation in court. This also applies to situations where compensation may come through an insurance settlement. A King and Queen County personal injury attorney could help to build powerful cases within this strict time limit. 

Reach Out to a King and Queen County Personal Injury Attorney Today

Every person who suffers a personal injury because of the choices of another deserves the compensation that they need to set things right. This can include payments for the costs of medical care, emotional traumas, and lost wages. However, this is only available if you can show that another party’s actions caused your injuries. This applies to both cases that result from accidents and those that come about from criminal activity.

A King and Queen County personal injury lawyer is prepared to take the lead on your case. From day one, an attorney can protect your legal rights while shielding your case from aggressive insurance companies. Give an attorney a call today to let them get to work helping you.