James City County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries are serious events that require your utmost attention. Of course, this includes seeking medical care for physical injuries. It also includes making adjustments to your lifestyle and make decisions concerning how you will continue to make a living.

It is also essential to keep your legal rights in mind. A person or company who is responsible for inflicting your injuries has an obligation under the law to provide compensation for your losses. However, it is only realistic to obtain this compensation if you can prove defendant fault and demonstrate the extent of your injuries.

A James City County personal injury lawyer could take the lead in your case. An experienced attorney can handle every legal detail that is necessary to bring you to the payments that you need while you focus on making your recovery.

When is Another Party At-Fault for an Incident?

The core of any personal injury case involves proving that another party was to blame for the incident. But what exactly does this mean? In situations where a person commits an intentional act of violence, it is clear that this person is liable for all resulting damage.

However, most personal injuries are the result of accidents. Injured people need to prove that another person or company had a duty to keep them safe, that they failed in this duty, and that an injury resulted. This basic concept of negligence applies to car crashes, slips and falls, defective product claims, and even medical malpractice.

In addition, Commonwealth law says that an injured person may also need to justify their own decisions. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, juries must evaluate the actions of all parties involved in accidents. If that jury believes that an injured person did not act appropriately in avoiding an incident, that jury cannot award any compensation. A James City County personal injury attorney could help to build persuasive cases against at-fault parties.

What Forms of Payments May an Injured Person Seek?

The goal of any personal injury case is to place the injured person in the same position in which they would have been had the incident never occurred. From a practical standpoint, this is impossible. However, at-fault parties must provide monetary compensation that best makes up for a person’s losses.

This typically includes payment for the costs of all necessary medical care. An ambulance ride, a visit to the ER, surgery, hospital stays, and physical rehabilitation are all examples of compensable medical bills.

Many people also find that they now have a reduced quality of life because of the injury. An inability to interact with family members, enjoy a hobby, or even experiences with consistent pain are all compensable losses.

Finally, an injury may impact a person’s ability to return to work. When an injury keeps a person off the job while making a recovery or is so serious as to result in a permanent loss of work ability, an at-fault party must provide reimbursement for this lost income. A personal injury attorney in James City County could help to pursue a case for its full and appropriate value.

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Personal injuries have the potential to impact every part of your life. Of course, the physical injuries may be substantial. But the emotional toll of the incident and its impact on your ability to earn a living can be just as serious.

In situations where another party was responsible for your losses, those parties have the obligation to pay. A James City County personal injury lawyer could fight for your right to collect this compensation. An attorney can take the lead in protecting your legal rights while you work on getting your life back on track. Contact an attorney today to get started.